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My Evening with Norman and Jeffrey

Published on August 30th, 2018 | Updated on August 31st, 2018 | By FanFest

Hello fellow nerds and nerdettes! My title is a tad misleading considering the evening I spent with Norman and Jeffrey was at the Sidney Marcus Auditorium at the Georgia World Congress Center with a hundred or so people. When Fan Fest Events announces an intimate evening they are not joking around! They make sure to treat their fans right, much like Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  Unless you were a panel only attendee the swag bag did not disappoint.  My swag bag included pre-signed autographs from both Norman and Jeffrey, a duo photo op with a 8×10 print and digital download, a limited edition 11×17 event poster, a commemorative T-Shirt of the event, a shot glass, sunglasses, a bottle opener, bracelets, AND a three day general admission pass to Walker Stalker Con Atlanta.  Now an even bigger group of my friends and I are going to be in attendance for Walker Stalker Atlanta this year!

This particular evening has spoiled me though because now I feel that all the events should have a Norman and Jeffrey panel because these men are hilarious. While most of the events focus on The Walking Dead, this evening focused on getting to know the actors behind the characters we have grown to love, and hate on occasion. Sorry Negan, we still love you Jeffrey.  The night officially started with a game of Would You Rather, which provided some rather interesting answers. The game of truth or dare also provided rather interesting moments as well.  One of the best dares included having Morgan and Reedus imitate each other’s Walking Dead characters.

Needles to say the two men did not disappoint with their impressions of one another as can be seen in a fan video below.

As the event shifted from the panel discussion to photo ops, both men took the time to take multiple selfies with the fans who took the time to walk up to the stage. One of my absolute favorite moments was watching Morgan walk off stage to take selfies with two disabled guests. Everyone that had a phone out and attempting to attain even more interaction with Reedus and Morgan were accommodated.  Something tells me if the two men were not ushered back stage for the photo ops they would have managed to take selfies and professional pictures with each attendee.  As I took a quick glance around Twitter the photo ops did not disappoint.

One fan had to remind the guys there was enough of her to go around.

Another fan had her dream come true.

And another fan reminded us what true squad goals are in life.

These are two men who truly care about their fans as seen above. That is why attending these events since 2016 have become such a joy in my life. There is not a single person I have encountered that does not attempt to spend as much time as possible with their fans, but Morgan and Reedus are on a whole other level. Even in the photo op lines, these guys take the time to try and talk to you. They hug you. They want you to know that you are important to them and they appreciate you. If that isn’t enough, Morgan took the time to go to Twitter and thank everyone in attendance Saturday evening as well.

While this is the first event of its kind for FanFest, I hope there are plenty more to come in the future.

Were you at the event on Saturday evening?  Share your photographs below!


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