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Ms. Marvel Is Going To War

Published on March 10th, 2016 | Updated on March 10th, 2016 | By FanFest

What a day to be a Marvel
fan fellow Geeklings! I take it by the
this point most of you have seen the
Captain America: Civil

War trailer, and if you haven’t I have to ask why? Do you just hate
joy or
has all the WiFi in your
area been destroyed by joy hating monsters? Please get
on that, not for me,
but for you. I’ll


Aaaaaaaand?!?! I know it
was amazing (as in Spider-Man!
See what I did there?) and you need
to watch it again immediately,
but hang with
me for a second while I address some of the other news to come
out of Marvel


released yet another
Civil War II teaser image (this time to Hit Flix) concerning one of
my favorite Marvel

characters. We also get to see our first glimpse of a character picking a
in the battle lead by Iron
Man or Captain Marvel. There is little doubt that
Kamala Khan’s role in the
Marvel universe is about to
expand even further which
is all types of awesome for us.

There is a

bit of a bombshell factor here seeing Ms. Marvel rip up a Captain Marvel
and is sure to stir some
conversation. Since the release of the new Ms.
book, Kamala
Khan has made no secret about her
love for Carol
Danvers (a.k.a. Captain Marvel). She has one of those
complete fanboy crushes,
and their
first encounter during Secret Wars was tremendous. It allowed

Kamala to geek out working side by
side with her hero as well as allowed Danvers
to pass the torch to Khan. The
approval of Captain Marvel
probably meant more to
Kamala Khan than becoming a member of the Avengers
(which spoiler

alert, she is).

With that
this teaser becomes the
most intriguing to me. What could possibly happen to
draw a wedge between
Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel? I’m
guessing that this will
have to do less with Ms. Marvel’s Avengers
connection to Iron Man, and more of

her not being able to come to terms with the actions of Captain Marvel.
way it should lead to some
pretty compelling story telling. I wonder when push
comes to shove if Kamala
could actual battle Captain
Marvel. I don’t know what
it was exactly but this image made me think that
Ms. Marvel could possibly be in

a similar position as Spider-Man in the first Civil War event. Just
theory. Either way I
expect this to be a major coming out party for Ms.

On a day filled
with a new Civil
trailer it’s about time we start seeing
characters picking sides for
summers Civil War II event.

do you think fellow Geeklings?
What could cause Ms. Marvel to turn on
Captain Marvel? Who will be the first
character to side with Carol
Danvers? Feel
free to drop your ideas in the comments below!

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