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“Ms. Marvel” Creator Stated That the Show’s Negative Reception Is Caused By Anger

Published on July 12th, 2022 | Updated on July 13th, 2022 | By FanFest

Despite the fact that Ms. Marvel holds the record for having the most starred reviews in the history of the world’s most successful franchise, it is still subject to a considerable amount of criticism.

It’s amazing to consider that Kamala Khan, a youngster from Jersey and the first Muslim hero in American comics, has blown all of Marvel’s blockbusters over the past 14 years out of the water from a critical standpoint with Ms. Marvel having an outstanding 98 percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


Despite the fact that the show was praised for its grace and beauty, many people have criticized it for a variety of reasons. In an interview with NBC, co-creator Sana Amanat suggested that the negativity stems from a desire to be angry.

“I think it comes from a place of anger and a sense that their identities are being threatened. If they can’t connect with it, then that’s OK. I just wish they wouldn’t try to put it down. It’s amazing to see how they’re internalizing that imagery. I just hope it gives them a sense of competency that, frankly, I didn’t have growing up, and a sense of connectedness inside of their culture and who they are because I think that’s incredibly important.”

Only a few MCU projects elicit universal support, but with the sixth and final episode set to air tomorrow, Ms. Marvel is destined to go out with a bang, leaving fans hungry for what comes next for Kamala Khan’s Iman Vellani, even if we know she’ll return in The Marvels.

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