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Mr. T and Ted Cruz Get into Twitter Dispute (This is Real Life)

Published on April 9th, 2022 | Updated on April 9th, 2022 | By FanFest

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had a quarrel with Mr. T on Twitter this week, which can only be characterized by one of Cruz’s own tweets: bizarre.

But the weirdness of the back-and-forth isn’t necessarily due to anything Mr. T said, as Cruz claimed; rather, it’s because these two unlikely individuals would get into a debate about anything in the first place.

It all started on Wednesday, when Mr. T, a cancer survivor who received a second vaccination but is continuing to wear his mask and keep social distance at least.

“I just received my 2nd Moderna booster vaccine, and I feel good! I am still going to wear my mask and keep my distance because the virus ain’t over, Fool! Grrr,” Mr. T tweeted, days after the Food and Drug Administration authorized the shot for people who are 50 or older, as well as certain immunocompromised people (via Houston Chronicle).

Perhaps it was the “Fool!” remark that set off Cruz, who may not have been aware that it is Mr. T’s iconic phrase as common to him as a punctuation symbol. However, for whatever reason, this appeared to the senator as an outstanding case of Hollywood elitism gone mad rather than a cancer survivor being overly cautious.

“Bizarre,” Cruz began his reply to Mr. T. “535 Members of Congress can attend the State of the Union without wearing masks, but it’s still not good enough for Hollywood.”

The gold chain-adorned Rocky III star has yet to react, but some have suggested to a few Bible verses he published on social media, particularly those dealing with peace, as possibly being a little response.

Keep an eye on us for any further Celebrity Feuds news that we didn’t anticipate to see in 2022!

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