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Mr. Robot- The Table Is Set For Stage Two

Published on September 20th, 2016 | Updated on September 20th, 2016 | By FanFest


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The Mr. Robot season finale has finally arrived and the table has been set for some answers. At least I think it has. As I talked about last week don’t go holding your breath for all the answers as I don’t think we’re going to get those, and it would feel kind of cheap if we did anyone. There has to be some intrigue. Important questions like what is Stage Two and did Darlene survive the shoot out seem to be the most pressing. Of course we’ll learn, to some degree I imagine, what exactly Tyrell has been up to and maybe Trenton and Mobley will get a mention but those threads aren’t crucial to the story moving forward. Those are things that can get addressed fully in season three. Season two needs to be the stepping stone to the overall story for this show going forward and will more likely then not bring in what would be considered a metamorphosis for Mr. Robot. Season one was about committing the 5/9 hack, season two has been about Elliot finding some sort of mentally stability while trying to figure out what Stage Two is, season three will look to become the season where everything starts to come into motion. Where we learn what Whiterose has planned for this new world. Where we see the battle between Evil Corp and the Dark Army really take flight. Where a hacker who sees visions of his dead father tries and bring balance to the world? Yet to be seen but I have little doubt that Elliot is still our hero here.

I hate to label season two as a transitional season because there has been so much excellent content that I have yet to unravel. There are so many wheels in motion here and so many layers that I feel that the re-watch will be just as eye opening. The obvious example would be like when you go back and re-watch Fight Club for the first time after the twist. Yet, it’s hard to ignore the fact that season two is looking to bring us to something larger. That possible World War III? Perhaps. The way this show has been constructed though it’s almost impossible to guess. Fans of The Shield will tell you that seasons three and four were not the shows best because it felt that nothing much was really going on. Although when you go back and watch the series as a whole you understand just how crucial those two seasons are to the overall narrative. The excellence of those last three seasons can’t happen without seasons three and four. I strongly believe that that’s what we’ve got going on here. When this narrative completely wraps, which seems to be five seasons if you believe show creator Sam Esmail, we will look at Season Two as being the most important of them all. I have little doubt that when the credits roll tomorrow night that our mouths will be gaping open as we start muttering “holy crap, that was the plan all along?! That’s where this was going?! What the hell?!” And is there any better feeling then that? When the show you’re watching straight up rewards you at the end?

Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on the season finale but I don’t think so. Mr. Robot has been slaying it these last five or six episodes and with each one the tension gets cranked up further and further. Tomorrow night we get some of that release, but in what form? For starters Stage Two, one of the biggest questions of this season. What the hell is it? Well, much like I predicted, Tyrell Wellick has been spending all his time working on it… and calling his wife and not talking? Maybe? Elliot has no memory of giving him this job, which is interesting in itself as it’s Elliot who gives Tyrell a job when in season one it was Tyrell offering Elliot a job. The arrival of Tyrell backs Mr. Robot into a bit of a corner. Once Tyrell made that first phone call Mr. Robot straight up ghosted out of the picture, and only when Elliot tricked him into believing that he had control did he return. It is clear that Mr. Robot lied about killing Tyrell and I would say it’s even more clear that he gave the order for Stage Two, now it’s time to explain himself to Elliot. There’s no way that these two can exist without each other so some sort of balance needs to be reached. I mean, it’s quite possible that Elliot could see Stage Two and it could trigger something in him where he suddenly understands everything about Mr. Robot, and while that may seem unlikely it still involves some explaining. Elliot has earned it at this point.

Now will Stage Two get implemented this episode? I’m going to go with a strong maybe as I can picture them hitting the execute button right as the show goes to credits giving us far too many months to try and figure out what happened. It’s cruel but it’s also good television and I would groan but wouldn’t be angry about it. The landscape is going to change and a cliffhanger like that sort of gives Season Three a blank canvas. I can get on board with that.

Stage Two isn’t the only thing that we should be looking out for though as there are still lots of things to pay attention to.

  • Did Darlene survive the shoot out?! For the love of God I hope so as I can’t picture the show without her. The bigger question should be Dom, who has turned into a bit of a wild card here. We know that she wants to do the interview (despite not knowing who it is… but we know Geeklings. We know) and we have to think that she’s kind of got Darlene dead to rights here. What if all this season we were thinking it would be Angela who broke but turns out to be Darlene?! How gut wrenchingly awful. One would think that she’ll feel more guilty about getting Cisco killed than actually committing a murder and that makes her dangerous. Maybe as a way to atone she sells out F Society or helps to bring down the Dark Army? Not saying it’s going to happen but it could be something to keep our eye one.
  • I believe that the major war to this show is still looming overhead while the board continues to get set. Philip and Whiterose are destined to clash, and Whiterose is in massive recruit mode (see Angela). What is Philip’s next move? It seems that he’s been a step behind the Dark Army this entire season but that’s not his style. We already know that he wants to turn a quick middle finger on China after their bail out with his use of E Coin. What could be his next move? He’s been relatively quiet this season as E Corp has licked it’s wounds and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him strike blood.
  • Angela, Angela, Angela… I have no idea what to make of you girl. I like you and then I don’t. I trust you and then I don’t. Then you get put into that weird ass room with the dying fish and the child clone and suddenly I’m super interested in why you get 28 minutes with Whiterose. Yes, I understand that Angela is just a large pawn on this chess board and is a person that Whiterose wants to use to take Phillip down from the inside, but what if she’s more? Is that even possible? Could her talk with Whiterose and the future have finally opened her eyes and given her purpose? I don’t know but she seemed… different when she called off the lawyer. I can’t make heads or tails of this girl. Your theories are welcomed.
  • Is someone going to die? In this generation of television it seems that shows can’t have a major season finale without someone dying. I’m not sure if that happens here. It’s possible when you consider how many shoot outs there have been this season (granted it’s only been two but it’s two more than last season!). Phillip seems like a possibility but I think we need him for the future as the king of evil. I actually worry about Dom. I want her back in Season Three, in fact, I believe she makes the show better, but all season long she’s survived by the skin of her teeth (and her skill and awesomeness) and statistically speaking one could assume that she might have run out of luck. I’m not totally buying it though as I feel her conversation with Whiterose is super important and there is a relationship there waiting to blossom.

There you have it Geeklings. Season finale tomorrow and I haven’t even touched on Rami Malek’s Emmy win which was outstanding. That speech. If you guys have any theories by all means go off in the comments. If not I’ll be back Thursday with the review. Happy viewing! On to Stage Two.


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