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Mr. Robot Preview- “eps3.7_dont-delte-me.ko”

Published on November 28th, 2017 | Updated on November 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

How’s everyone doing? Have we recovered from last week’s gut-wrenching episode yet? I don’t think I have. Every time I started to believe I had my mind returned to Trenton and Mobley in that garage begging and… I can’t it’s still too soon. Their deaths have some pretty massive ramifications for the Mr. Robot universe and with three episodes left in the season, we need to see just what they add up to.

It’s clear that Dom isn’t buying in on the fact that Trenton and Mobley were the masterminds behind Stage Two. You can tell that by their placement on Dom’s whiteboard and her disbelief at how neatly everything is being tied up. Tyrell Wellick suddenly emerges from the underground claiming to have been held captive by the Dark Army, forced into helping them execute Stage Two. With his full cooperation, the FBI is able to pinpoint Trenton and Mobley as the head of F Society and plan a strike. That strike results in the discovery that the two “killed” themselves in some sort of suicide terrorist pact. A third strike is averted and everything seems to be put to bed. Not for Dom though. Like that rat Santiago said, Dom is a super cop and she’s on to everything. It’s clear Dom suspects Santiago of something even though she can’t put her finger on it, and on top of that, she’s spoken with Mobley. She’s interrogated him and tried to get him to flip on F Society. If there’s anyone who fully understands that he wasn’t the leader in this terrorist attack it’s Dom. The question becomes though, what does she do with this information? With Whiterose at the top of her board and everything looking like it’s going to be tied up pretty neatly, it doesn’t seem that Dom can operate within the FBI to bring down the Dark Army and Whiterose. I’ve been saying it for awhile, it might be time for a supergroup. She’s been hunting and studying Elliot, Darlene, Angela, and Tyrell forever but is Dom coming to a point where she needs to join forces with them?

Is that idea really that far-fetched? At this point in the game who hasn’t been betrayed by the Dark Army and Whiterose. Angela was used as a manipulation piece against Philip Price. He couldn’t control her so Whiterose found her weakness and exploited it. Now Angela seems like she’s a bag of cats with no perception of what is real anymore. Darlene seemed like an FBI informant but withheld some important information which could put her in trouble. On top of that, she’s the one who got Trenton and Mobley directly involved in the 5/9 Hack which I’m sure is weighing on her. Tyrell helped the FBI pinpoint the terrorists and most likely has immunity now. Could the discovery of his wife’s death and child’s presence in foster care drive him to bring down the Dark Army? What would it take for Dom to join forces with him?

Yet, the most important super group belongs to Elliot and Mr. Robot. All of this season the two have found each other on opposite ends of the spectrum. Robot working in the shadows against Elliot and Elliot working blatantly against the Dark Army and Stage Two. The two are now on the same page with Robot raging against the fact that his revolution was stolen from him. Now is the time for the two to mend fences and work together. The problem with destroying E Corp was aligning themselves with another corporation to do so. The Dark Army is no different than E Corp. They just operate in the shadows. They choose what corporations run the world next. Whiterose has her finger on everything. Nothing can change until the head of the snake is cut off and right now that head belongs to Whiterose.

Mr. Robot needs to talk to Elliot but Elliot is still refusing. Instead, he turns to his therapist, who now suspects him in the 5/9 and Stage Two attacks. Something needs to give where Elliot can come to the surface and talk with Robot. Where the two can plan a new revolution. One free from Whiterose and the Dark Army. If there ever was a time to learn from past mistakes it’s now. If there is any hope for the future then the Dark Army and Whiterose need to be stopped. We’ve spent so much time watching Elliot war with Mr. Robot that we forgot what the two could be like if they work together. It’s time to get the band back together.

But what are they trying to stop at this point? Whiterose has won everything she set out to win. The plant is being moved to the Congo. E Corp is in ruins which makes the passing of e coin such a successful venture. Everyone loves a comeback story. Philip Price is a lame duck corporation head who will soon be replaced by someone Whiterose won’t have to ask twice. What’s next? Time travel? Is there a Stage Three? Is it the Trump presidency? I’ll be curious to see what Whiterose’s next move is.

There you have it Geeklings, the season is winding down and there is still a great deal to tackle. Can Elliot and Mr. Robot heal and work together to take down the Dark Army? Will Trenton and Mobley be avenged? What will Dom do with the investigation seemingly over? Sound off in the comments below. As always if you’d like to talk more Mr. Robot you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. Happy watching. Question everything.


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