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Mr. Robot “_init1.asec” Review

Published on July 31st, 2016 | Updated on July 31st, 2016 | By FanFest

First off let me apologize for the lateness of this post. I had extreme DVR problems with the recording of this episode and got to watching it later in the week. With that being said we should be back on schedule next week providing my DVR doesn’t continue to be an ass hat.

It seems that finally Mr. Robot is looking to progress the plot of this season as it has spent some time treading water thus far. Granted there have been things going on in the background, like the FBI investigating the arcade (Hack Shack) and now White Rose getting re-involved with the fall out, but those stories have been side bars. The main focus has been Elliot ability to maintain some degree of sanity here. Which makes sense from a story perspective because why should Elliot care about those things? Right now he lives in a world that consists of his every day struggle with his Mr. Robot demon, that there is little time to focus on the bigger picture. But at some point this season needs to bring him up to speed and start progressing the overall narrative, and if the ending of this episode is any indication, then it looks like that’s where we’re heading.

mr. robot 2x3 1This week started with a flashback to the origin story of F Society or maybe the origin story of how the idea of the hack started to move into motion. A rainy night, a random visit by Darlene, a cult horror movie (which inspired the F Society masks), and a dialogue between a brother and sister that allowed them to be honest with each other. The idea was clearly Elliot’s, as he put on the mask for the first time, and while Darlene thought the idea was crazy she also didn’t say no. Darlene is the type of character who is constantly looking for direction and Elliot’s plan just so happened to be the direction she needed. We’ve seen her struggle with the leadership role this season and one has to wonder if at some point she’ll be able to be her own moral compass or continue to rely on the direction of others.

That’s something that doesn’t look to be coming any time soon as she reaches out to Elliot almost begging him to return to F Society. She explains that Romero is dead and that the Hack Shack is now under investigation and that they need to make their next move. She reminds Elliot that he said that the toughest part of committing the hack wouldn’t be the hack itself but everything that comes afterwards, and he’s left them all floating in the wind. Elliot to his credit, still refuses to get himself involved as he doesn’t know how to exist without Mr. Robot and until he can do that he’s no good to anyone.

Which leads us to our chess match to no where. I was very pleased I made that tic-tac-toe reference in the preview as each time Elliot and Mr. Robot played each other it resulted in a stalemate. How could Elliot have expected anything else? Mr. Robot is a clear projection of the inner workings of Elliot’s mind, the places that he has a tough time admitting he has or willingly accesses. Ergo Mr. Robot is Elliot. They share the same mind despite how much Elliot wants to deny that. So these chess games were bound to go no where because the opponents are literally in each others heads. Hard to hide a move from yourself. This must be the toughest realization for Elliot because it’s admitting that Mr. Robot and all his faults and negative viewpoints are just a projection of himself. At some point an accord between the two must be reached.

mr. robot 2x3 2I guess we sort of see that towards the end of the episode. Elliot, who is desperately in need of a friend to talk to, wants to confess the hack to Ray but finds that he can’t. All he can decide on is the fact that he’s willing to help with Ray’s problem, but that doesn’t come without ulterior motives. Ray has a computer that can’t be traced back to Elliot, at least not yet, and Elliot uses that outlet to get information on what’s been happening with F Society and to hack into the FBI database. Because that’s a great idea. This ending gives hope that Elliot is now back involved and this story line can start to progress. Almost like we’ve been waiting for his permission which makes sense since everything we see in this universe is through his point of view. Why should the story progress without his permission.

Elsewhere Angela totally over played her hand with Evil Corp thinking she had some sort of leverage. Yes, she’s still secretly working with the lawyer which resulted in the arrest of those two guys responsible for the cover up that killed her mother, but Angela is starting to believe in her self worth. Don’t get me wrong, good for her, but she still doesn’t understand the world she lives in. She meets the head of Evil Corp in some Deep Throat like parking garage meeting, and tells him this is what you’re going to give me because of what I know, and he more or less looked at her and said “awww, you’re cute but no”. I also liked the way this scene was shot as the head of E Corp was in the bright and shiny background while Angela was in the gritty, depressing background. He didn’t fire her so that’s a plus but I’ll be curious to see if she can recover.

I want to talk about Joanna Wellick but I’m not entirely sure I understand what home girl is up to. She’s clearly waiting for her husband but trying to act out a life that says she wasn’t involved. Hence the “affair” she’s having with the guy I thought was going to end up dead. I want to say that she cares about this guy but I don’t believe it. She’s clearly manipulating him but I’m not sure what the end game is here. She needs a beard and right now he’s a costly one. But professing her need for him maybe she’s hoping that he provides his services without payment and does it for “love”? That’s the only theory I can work out on her for now.

There you have it Geeklings. The board has been set and it looks like Elliot is back in the game now. As always the comments belong to you. Have at them and see you next week!


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