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Motivation Monday: This is Us Edition

Published on May 1st, 2017 | Updated on May 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

Sometimes the best motivation we have comes from love. This is especially true when the love is overwhelming (in a good way) and real enough to resonate with those around us. This is Us is a series that brings that love into homes across the world. The series follows the story of Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their three children. There are ups and downs and highs and lows as fans watch the characters experience big love and even bigger loss. It’s truly the television show that we didn’t know we needed.

The series just aired it’s the first season, and has already been renewed for a second and third. This will allow fans to see more of Jack and Rebecca’s big love story, but also why things changed in such a way that there seems to be a divide in a family that was supposed to stick together through it all. It also holds hope, with the characters learning more about themselves and each other, that the divide won’t be so prominent in the future.

The series is great for inspiring quotes, so this Monday we decided to start our week with love. Here are some of the best quotes from season 1 of This is Us.

10. You deserve the beautiful life you made. You deserve everything Randall. My beautiful boy. My son. I haven’t had a happy life. Bad breaks. Bad choices. A life of almosts and could haves. Some would call it sad, but I don’t, cause the two best things in my life were the person in the very beginning and the person at the very end and that’s a pretty good thing to be able to say, I think.

9. You are Jack Pearson’s son. You have him inside of you. And when you’re nervous or at your most nerve-wracking moment, the curtain’s about to go up, all you have to do is remind yourself of that, and you’ll be fine.

8. I think I’m nervous about you guys meeting me. I don’t know how much you can tell from in there, but I am not going to be the perfect mom you have been dreaming about. You guys dream, right? I think so. I’m impatient, and I’m stubborn, and uh, stole an Abba-Zabba bar from the grocery store in fourth grade, and I’m terrified that I’m going to make a hundred wrong decisions to keep you guys from living the perfect lives that you deserve, but I will protect you fiercely, and I will always sing to you when you can’t sleep, and I will always be excited to hear you laugh. I bet you guys are gonna have wildly different laughs, huh? I love you guys so much and I haven’t even met you yet. It’s crazy.

7. My point is, what’s wrong with being normal? Olivia, you’re always talking about being real. Right? That kiss that we had yesterday, that was real. Those feelings were real, and I know that you know that. And it doesn’t shock me that you are scared, right?

6. I am thankful for my family. I’m thankful that we’re all safe and there’s no one in the world that I’d rather be too hot or too cold with.

5. I just keep thinking about my wife and how I just want to get home to her, hang out with her, make sure she’s okay. Which is crazy, because she’s at her absolute worst right now. I mean, like, Exorcist level bad. But I still don’t want to escape her. Or my future vomiting, crap-riddled kids. I just, I want more time with them. I want to freeze time with them, so that I can get a little bit more.

4. I like to think that maybe one day you’ll be an old man like me, talking a younger man’s ear off, explaining to him how you took the sourest lemon that life has to offer and turned it into something resembling lemonade.

3. If at some point in your life, you find a way to show somebody else the same kindness that your parents showed you, that’s all the present I’ll need.

2. I know it feels like you have all the time in the world, but you don’t, so stop playing it so cool.  Catch the moments of your life.  Catch them while you’re young and quick, because sooner than you know it, you’ll be old and slow.  And there will be no more of them to catch.

1. You’ve asked me a question before, you wonder what I love about you now, So I’m gonna start with the obvious. I love the mother that you are. I love that you are still the most beautiful woman in any room and that you laugh with your entire face. I love that you dance funny, not sexy, which makes it even sexier, but most of all, I love that you are still the same woman who all those years ago ran out of a blind date because she simply had to sing. You’re not just my great love story, Rebecca, you are my big break. And our love story? I know it may not feel like it right now, baby, but I promise you, it’s just getting started.

Did we include your favorite inspirational This is Us quote? Let us know.

Happy Monday!

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