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Motivation Monday: The Vampire Diaries

Published on May 22nd, 2017 | Updated on May 22nd, 2017 | By FanFest

The Vampire Diaries recently aired the last episode of the series and fans were distraught. The show has been part of their lives for so long and with it, the stories and characters carved a way into their hearts. We watched the show as well, so we know that with its end does come the end of a chapter, but we’re all left with some great memories.

The series isn’t one you may immediately think of when you think of ‘inspirational quotes’ but there actually a lot of episodes with quotes and dialogue that can have a positive impact on what you’re going through. From love triangles to self-sacrifice and that whole being undead thing, toss in the high school drama and you’ve got quite a mix – they went through a lot on the show. It’s part of what made fans stick with it for so long.

It may have been a show that was a bit out of this world, but you could relate to their fears and their triumphs too. At least, most of the time.

From understanding that people make mistakes to quotes about love and life, we picked six quotes from The Vampire Diaries to start off our week. Here’s to a little extra happiness, strength, and love this week.

You saw light in me when all I saw was darkness. You saved me from despair. You told me once that I would fall madly in love without realizing it, and that’s what happened.‘  – Stefan

We’ve all made terrible mistakes in our lives, done things that no apology can heal, but you just have to keep going, trying to find some new happiness — no matter how much you’ve lost. The strange thing is, losing those people is what brought us together. It’s how we found each other. It’s what made us family.‘ – Alaric

I don’t need some spirit journey with a bunch of strangers to convince me that my redemption is within reach. I just need the people I love. The list is short but profound. You’re right at the top, alongside a great girl I hope to marry one day. Don’t walk away from your list because you don’t think you’re worth it.‘ – Damon

The first rule of truly living – do the thing you’re most afraid of.‘ – Rebekah

You have to engage. You can’t just sit there and wait for life to come to you, you have to go get it.‘ – Damon
I was feeling epic.‘ – Stefan
We hope you’re all feeling epic today. Happy Monday!

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