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More Civil War II Teasers

Published on March 9th, 2016 | Updated on March 9th, 2016 | By FanFest

With the promise of a new
Captain America: Civil
trailer tomorrow (eeeeeeeeeee)
it only makes sense that

Marvel continues it’s teaser campaign for this summers Civil War II.

Since last weeks post
Marvel has been
leaking images to Comic Book Resources and Ign Comics almost daily. I would
that the characters being
chosen are going to be key players, and if that’s the
case then I’m pretty
pleased with the way things are
shaping up. We know that
Iron Man and Captain Marvel will be heading the
respective sides but we’re

still uncertain where the other players are going to fall.

week saw this image of Jean Grey
released which is curious for a number of
reasons. First off when we think
to the first Civil War event the mutants were more or less a
side note
with no real
commitment to the cause. Granted they had a lot going on with the
whole lack
of new mutants thing going on,
but with Civil War II it
seems that at least some of the X-Men will
be choosing sides (*ahem* Jean
*aheme*). Brian Michael Bendis, who is writing Civil War II,
has also
spent a number of
years writing X-Men books and is the author responsible for
bringing Jean
Grey from the past to our present.
Look at this image, isn’t it
awesome?! The apprehension is all over Grey’s
face and do you guys see that?!

Yep looks like some Phoenix action going on (what whaaaaat). I
a number of characters
that Bendis has written before to play major roles in
this upcoming battle
so look for more X-Men to show up
as well as possibly Miles
Morales, and then you’ve got to include these

Guardians of the Galaxy look
to be
throwing their hat into this round of Civil War and it makes
When Mark Millar wrote
the first Civil War the Guardians were not the
major players they
are now. Now one movie removed,
with the sequel currently
filming, it would be hard to include such a
massive Marvel story without

including this team of misfits. The image shows Star Lord and Rocket at odds

which makes sense since
Quill is now the President of Sparta and Rocket is the
current leader of the
Guardians. Fun fact, at
different times both Iron Man and
Captain Marvel were members of the team so
it’ll be interesting to see who

sides with who. My bet is Rocket goes the way of Captain Marvel considering
has a love for furry
little creatures, which means Groot will most likely follow
suit. I can see
Quill siding with Iron Man, the
“I have your best interest at
heart why doesn’t any one understand that”
mantra running strong between them,

but as for the rest of the team…open for discussion.

Today saw
the release of a Hawkeye teaser
and this pretty much has
sealed the deal on this event for me. Matt
Fraction’s Hawkeye series

could very possibly be the best comic series I’ve ever read. For serious.

Actually if you haven’t read
it do yourself a favor and stop reading this piece
and start. Like right
now. That’s how good it is. Hawkeye
is an interesting
addition to the fray. Despite the fact that he’s an
Avenger, Hawkeye, keeps
mostly to
himself and the small company he keeps (Katie Bishop and Pizza Dog).
curious to what draws him into
battle and what side he chooses. If I was a
betting man I’d say Captain
Marvel, she just seems like she’ll
be fighting the
fight for the little guy. And when you think about it isn’t
that what Hawkeye
is all
about, bro?

Keep your eye on Fan Fest
more Civil War II
teasers. In the mean time feel free to sound off
with who you think is
siding with who. If characters
are starting to pick sides
don’t you think it’s about time you do

Images from Marvel

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