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Moon Knight: Director Reveals Hidden Details in Moon Knight’s Costume that You Missed

Published on April 24th, 2022 | Updated on April 24th, 2022 | By FanFest

Even if it’s the closest we’ve gotten to a solo Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure in what feels like forever, Moon Knight was always going to be rife with Easter Eggs for fans to notice, even as a Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

Moon Knight’s creative mavens have emphasized the need for keeping with Moon Knight and having a good time, even if you’re new to the MCU. Of course, comic book readers will be more attentive than others, and it turns out that the hero’s costume contains some hidden hieroglyphs that may have gone unnoticed.

mr knight moon knight

Meghan Kasperlik, the costume designer for Mr. Knight, revealed to Comicbook a few subtle elements in both the main outfit and the Mr. Knight variant, which might go unnoticed.

“‘Rise and live again as my fist of vengeance. My Moon Knight,’ That is in the hieroglyph in the trouser. On Mr. Knight, the Easter egg in that is that the buttons on the waistcoat are custom buttons that are Khonshu’s symbol. I had a metalsmith in-house that was making all of those. Definitely there are other Easter eggs throughout the series that you will definitely be seeing. If you haven’t seen them, go back and watch because they are there.”

Every frame of every Marvel Studios production is dripping with minute details, which usually need a second, third, or fourth viewing to notice, with Moon Knight clearly continuing the illustrious tradition.

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