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Monday Night Match-up: Slade Wilson vs. Frank Castle

Published on June 27th, 2016 | Updated on June 26th, 2016 | By FanFest

Monday, Monday, MONDAY! Let’s get ready for another MONDAY NIGHT MATCH-UP, DC vs Marvel style. So far you have voted via social media that Oliver Queen would take the crown versus Hawkeye. You voted that Captain America would beat Batman. Thor was voted to beat out Superman. Sara beat Natasha by the mere single digits. Atom squashed Ant-Man in the final tally. Ghost Rider blazed past John Constantine for the win. All polls were incredibly close! With all the news of ‘The Defenders’ and the stand-alone ‘Punisher’ series in the works, I can’t help but be excited. Jon Bernthal was quite a phenomenal Punisher, and I am highly looking forward to his appearance in the new series. When Frank Castle is on a mission, he is pretty darn driven and doesn’t seem to want to stop. Hmm… just like how Slade Wilson is currently on a rage driven mission to harm Oliver Queen, and he has no intention of stopping.

While I don’t think The Punisher would agree with all of Oliver’s morals, I think he would choose to side with Oliver if he had to.

Manu Bennett is famous for bringing the DC Universe villain Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke to life in the CW series Arrow. Jon Bernthal has recently made his mark in the superhero universe as Marvel’s Frank Castle aka The Punisher, in the Netflix original series. Both actors have done a phenomenal job in their various roles, and I absolutely love what they each have brought to the screen as their respective characters.

You know the drill! If these characters cinema personalities were to wage their own ‘battle’ (Whatever the reason) onto each other… Who would come out the champion? Let us take a closer look at their abilities and skills, and you determine the outcome. It’s a DC vs Marvel match-up!

Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) Abilities

  • Enhanced physical condition: To save his life, Slade received the Mirakuru serum. Shortly after being injected, his stamina, agility, strength, durability and reflexes were significantly increased.
  • Enhanced strength: Slade has demonstrated tremendous amounts of enhanced strength and durability.
  • Enhanced senses: Slade was able to smell the TNT of a Japanese landmine strapped to one of the prisoners, discovering Oliver’s plan to overthrow him.
  • Accelerated healing factor: The Mirakuru serum injection greatly enhanced Slade’s ability to heal, allowing him to rapidly recover frommost injuries.
  • Expert Marksman and Swordsman: Slade is shown to be an excellent marksman and a master swordsman.
  • Master Martial artist: Slade is shown to have very advanced unarmed and close-range fighting skills.
  • Master tactician: As a former member of ASIS (Australian Intelligence), Slade is very intelligent and a great tactician,
  • Stealth: On multiple occasions,  Slade was able to break into buildings and steal information without being seen on the security cameras. He was also able to sneak into the ‘Arrow-Cave’.

Frank Caslte (The Punisher) Abilities

  • Strength: Frank puts himself through rigorous training, to keep himself in a state of supreme fitness. He is capable of press lifting up to 400 lbs.
  • Master Martial Artist: Frank is a very skilled in several forms of martial arts and hand-to-hand combatives.
  • Weapons Specialist: Because Thanks to this and continued training the Punisher is a master of many weapons, favoring daggers and long-range shooting weapons
  • Expert Marksman: He is an exceptional marksman of many types of firearm and knife throwing. On multiple occasions, he is depicted as being ambidextrous.
  • Interrogation Expert: Frank uses extensive interrogating skills to get information from his ‘prisoners’
  • Expert Tactician: Frank has single-handedly incapacitated multiple armed criminals on occasion and has received special operations training from the US Marine Corps., among several other Armed Forces Branches.

Jules Vote: Frank Castle. As much as I love Deathstroke, I have to give this one to The Punisher. Slade may be nearly impossible to stop, but Frank is extremely intelligent and I believe he would find a way to incapacitate Slade.

Who do you think would win??

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