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‘Modern Warfare’ Shows Us What Multiplayer Is Going To Look Like

Published on August 2nd, 2019 | Updated on August 2nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare has been dark for quite some time. But not any longer.

Making its official multiplayer debut on August 1st, Modern Warfare has no shortage of features. From returning killstreaks to GunFight mode, Modern Warfare shows a bright future ahead. Everything started off with a trailer, which led into a panel with further information.

First off, the multiplayer looks great. It looks the part, like most Call Of Duty games do. It also returns to a classic loadout system devoid of operators, which in my opinion is what works best. I like the level of realism at play here as well, with attempts to make the world of war as lifelike as possible. Modern Warfare even goes further with doors, turning them into a mechanic to both utilize and exploit.

There were moments in the gameplay reveal that reminded me of Battlefield, and though I want it to stay Call Of Duty I am not mad at it. While not anything new, Ground War looks to build on the mode Call Of Duty WWII delivered. This is where Battlefield vibes exist, so I need to see more to know if it will work. Infinity Ward said they want to get to 50 versus 50, and baby steps will have to happen in order to get there.

Several things we already knew about were confirmed. Crossplay with other systems is happening, with safeguards in pace to protect the integrity of matches. There is officially no season pass to keep from separating the community as well. Both of these are great moves, and add to the good faith Activision is cultivating.

The last thing that was shown was the big edition, otherwise known as the Dark edition. Lots of people remember Modern Warfare 2 for it’s special edition with night vision goggles, and this one follows suit. These are much more technical however, with sensors that allow you to wear them in the daytime and switching on automatically in dark areas. This bundle is exclusive to GameStop, and will cost you $200.

There is even more about Modern Warfare we have not discussed here, so if you would like to find out more, watch this –

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare will launch October 25th, 2019. You can pre-order both digitally and physically on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC will be available only digitally. If you pre-order now you will get early access to the open beta, starting September 12th on PS4.

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