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Mission: Impossible, Insidious, and a Possible Beauty and the Beast Sequel?

Published on April 27th, 2017 | Updated on April 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

Some films are so good that just watching them more than once doesn’t do it justice. You want to see more – either the story’s next part or the beginning bits that the original film may have left out. You want to know the characters deeper, understand what makes them who they are, you want to see them face new trials and win new battles.

While some films should definitely not have sequels, not be remade, actually – some should remain untouched sans the original – some are meant to have sequels. Some of those films were talked about in a news piece this week by slash film.

One of those was Mission: Impossible. Tom Cruise and Henry Cavil were recently seen filming and while we don’t know what character Henry is set to play yet, one thing is certain, he’s got some incredible facial hair going on.

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Mission Impossible: 6 is set to be released in July of 2018.

While all news is great on the MI front, fans of Insidious just got a bit frustrated in learning that Insidious: Chapter 4 won’t be released this year. Instead, the film is slated to have a January 2018 premiere now. The films have always done well, so we’re a bit bummed to hear that we’ll have to wait longer to see the next in the chain, but we’re sure it will be worth it.

In terms of films that aren’t due sequels, or at least, we’re not sure how they’d work  – Beauty and the Beast comes to mind. There are options, if you consider them, for a sequel to happen, but the story is so wonderful by itself, no one is sure that a sequel is necessary. Recently, Dan Stevens was asked about a sequel for the film and he had an opinion very similar to ours.

That’s not a question for me. I’m not sure what turn that would take. I’m open to offers. It would seem odd for me to hear about it, but never say never.

He went on to tell Variety this.

I’d kind of like to bring the Beast back.” I’m not convinced a sequel for Beauty and the Beast could work, so I hope they choose to just keep remaking the rest of Disney’s animated movies instead.

Are there any films at the moment that you’d like to see a sequel of? How about any you hope are never touched? Let us know.

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