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Milo Ventimiglia on This Is Us – From Fan Theories to Favorite Moments

In Texas at the ATX TV Festival, ‘This Is Us’ had apparel with NBC’s Entertainment President Jennifer Salke and the executive producer and director Ken Olin alongside Milo Ventimiglia. The panel did include them all, but the majority of the questions were directed at Milo.

He spoke about everything from the scenes that were the hardest on him to his best fan encounters and even his favorite theory about Jack’s death.

In speaking of the scenes that were hardest on him, he brought up William’s death and the scene where Kate breaks down playing the drums. Both were emotional on a different level. It was the letting go of one life and the letting go of one’s chains and beginning a new leg of life.

His most memorable fan encounter is one that brought tears to our eyes, it was one of those moments that – again – shows the power of the show.

A fan came up to Milo and told him that she’d adopted a son with her husband and that her husband admitted to having a hard time getting along with him. When the couple watched the show, specifically the interaction between Jack and Randall, her husband found ways to better connect with their son. What happened next is the moment where Milo admits to almost losing it.

Then she showed me a photo of her husband and the boy and I just tried to hold it together.

One of his favorite moments as a cast member was during a prep meeting for the Television Critics Association tour. During the afternoon, he says that he jokingly asked Jennifer Salke about the second season. Instead of an immediate response, she called the entire cast into her office and that’s where they found out that This Is Us had been renewed for two additional seasons. He says that he values that moment so much because the cast got to experience it together.

Milo’s favorite scene to film was the fight between Jack and Rebecca during the season finale. It’s something that he said gave them their own valued space and he thanks Ken Olin for that.

He also addressed his favorite fan theory about Jack’s death…it’s one of ours too (just because it makes the situation lighthearted) – it’s the one that Milo simply kills Jack.

On Jack not living into old age, Milo says it changes nothing about the way he plays the character. ‘Jack lives in the moment and that’s what I do in my life. Jack really loves his wife and his kids. He sometimes makes bad decisions, but he lives in the moment.

We love the series already, but the moments where we get to see and hear what the actors we love so much have to say about the characters that they portray are extra special.

Are you looking forward to season 2 of This Is Us? Do any of your favorite moments coincide with Milo’s? Let us know.

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