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Mike Tyson Seen in Wheelchair with a Cane at Miami Airport

Published on August 17th, 2022 | Updated on August 17th, 2022 | By FanFest

Mike Tyson continues to deal with health issues. According to the New York Post, former heavyweight champion of the world, Tyson, was seen at Miami International Airport on Tuesday in a wheelchair with a walking stick. This comes a few weeks after Tyson was seen walking with a cane in New York City. It has been reported that the former champion is dealing with a “sciatica flare-up” in his back.

While at the Miami airport, Tyson posed for selfies with fans. Last month Tyson talked about his health on the Hotboxing podcast. In that podcast, Tyson said “We’re all gonna die one day of course,” and that he sees the signs that his “expiration date” is coming soon.

As a new limited series about Tyson’s life is set to stream on Hulu, Tyson has come out against the series. When the series was first announced, Tyson opposed it, and he still feels that way. Apparently, Hulu tried to offer millions of dollars to Dana White—Tyson’s brother—without offering anything to Tyson himself in order to promote the “slave master” take on his life.,” Tyson wrote in an Instagram post. “He turned it down because he honors friendship and treating people with dignity. I’ll never forget what he did for me just like I’ll never forget what Hulu stole from me.”

Tyson, 56, last competed in a boxing match in 2005. However, he has competed in exhibition bouts over the years. The most recent one was against Roy Jones Jr. on Nov. 28, 2020. The match ended in a draw because it was an exhibition fight and not a real match.

“I was afraid I might get hurt,” Tyson told BT Sport Box Office at the time, per Sky Sports. “He only stopped fighting for three years. Why do nobody care about my a—? I haven’t been fighting for 15 years and he stopped fighting three years ago and everybody is worried about his a—. I haven’t done this in 15, 16 years. I’m not a giant, I’m a beginner.” Tyson finished his boxing career with a 50-6 record. He was the undisputed world heavyweight champion from 1987 to 1990 and was the first heavyweight to hold the WBA, WBC and IBF titles.

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