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Mickey Mouse Can Now Hug Again at Disney Theme Parks

Published on April 12th, 2022 | Updated on April 12th, 2022 | By FanFest

Grab your autograph books and spread your arms because the magic is returning to Disney parks as a meaningful experience is restored for guests and friends once more. Within the next weeks, Disney fans will be able to hug their favorite characters for the first time in more than two years — tears are guaranteed.

Disney announced via the official Disney Parks Blog

“Very soon, you will once again be able to hug Mickey Mouse, get an autograph from Mulan, and share a laugh with Goofy. We know many of you have missed these special moments, and your Disney character friends have missed you, too!”


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COVID-19 had altered everything we once knew. It took away a critical part of the Disney experience — character interactions. For health and safety purposes, the days of embracing your favorite personality and getting their signature were no more.

The character interactions are at the heart of Disney, and they’re really crucial. When fans see their favorite character and have that personal interaction with them, it evokes feelings of childlike wonder in all ages. It’s the icing on a delectable cake.

Disney continued by sharing other re-introductions to the park throughout the 50th Anniversary at Walt Disney World. The celebration kicked off in Oct. 2021 and is slated for an 18-month window of wonder.

“We’ve resurrected shows like “Mickey’s Magical Friendship Fair” and “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular,” as well as the Disney “Festival of Fantasy” Parade and new experiences such as “Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade,” to commemorate the 50th anniversary at Walt Disney World.”

When the phased reopening of character interactions begins, Disney Parks will aim to have all activities operational again by early summer.

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