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Michael Myers’ Fate: Does He Die at the End of Halloween Ends?

Many people die in the Halloween movies, but Michael Myers always comes back. Now that the latest movie, Halloween Ends, is out, some fans are wondering if this could be the end for Myers. The title of the film makes it seem like a possibility.

Please be aware that there are major spoilers for Halloween Ends below.

During the conclusion of Halloween Ends, Michael Myers’ death is certain, but there’s more to discuss about the David Gordn Green-directed finale.

Michael Myers doesn’t pose as much of a threat for most of the film, having taken refuge in a sewer drain since the events from Halloween Kills. However, when Corey (Rohan Campbell) accidentally kills a child he was babysitting, he becomes the town’s bullied outcast. The bullying escalates to where one day they toss him off an overpass. That is until Myers finds and takes him into his hidden lair. Although Myers attacks Corey at first, he then lets go of him which gives Corey enough time to plan his revenge against those who have wronged him–even going so far as stealing Myers’ mask.


A large number of the victims in this film are killed by Corey, who is wearing a Michael Myers mask. Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) eventually faces off against him, and after injuring Corey, he kills himself–making it appear as though only one “Michael Myers.” was responsible for the murders. However, the real Michael Myers then appears, leading to a intense showdown with Laurie.

During the battle, Laurie pins Michael to a kitchen island with knives through his hands before toppling a refrigerator on him. After cutting his throat, he is able to free one hand to strangle her, at which point Allyson (Andi Matichak) arrives to stop him. His wrist is then sliced, and because of his injuries, he finally bleeds out.

The killer’s death isn’t enough to make the event conclusive, as his body is then driven through the streets of Haddonfield, Illinois, until it reaches the landfill. He is thrown into a trash compactor that allows audiences to see his body completely destroyed, confirming that the murderer is totally dead. However, because this surely isn’t the end of the franchise, we can’t rule out a comeback from Corey in a future installment.

Halloween Ends is in theaters now.

If you saw the film, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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