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Michael J. Fox’s ‘Back to the Future II’ Nikes Go Up for Auction

Published on September 4th, 2017 | Updated on September 4th, 2017 | By FanFest

Great Scott!  If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of memorabilia from the Back to the Future films, now is your chance!

Later this month, the iconic light up Nike sneakers worn by Marty McFly in the classic film Back to the Future II will be going up for auction in London along with several other cinematic memorabilia items.  McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, wore the futuristic shoes in order to blend in with the futuristic styles of 2015.  Below is a scene from the film in which Marty suits up for the first time and discovers power laces and the self-fitting futuristic jacket:

The shoes are listed on the auction site with the following description:

Marty McFly’s (Michael J. Fox) light-up 2015 Nike shoes from Robert Zemeckis’ sci-fi sequel Back to the Future Part II. Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) gave Marty self-lacing shoes when they time-traveled to the futuristic Hill Valley.


Designed by Nike shoe veteran Tinker Hatfield, these shoes represented a futuristic take on the classic Nike brand. Several versions were created in order to achieve the various special-effects requirements for the self-lacing sci-fi shoes; this pair is a light-up walk-around version. The high-top sneakers feature a soft gray canvas panel with the Nike logo glued to the side and blue-flecked foam sole around the perimeter. The sneakers are outfitted with LED lights on the side of the heel, and an illuminating ‘NIKE’ logo on the ankle strap. The heels showcase ‘NIKE MAG’ adhered to the foam.


These shoes have undergone sympathetic and stabilization, especially to the blue-speckled foam soles which had hardened and cracked throughout the years. Additional electronic work has been carried out to restore the light-up elements of the shoes. The EL sheets have been replaced, however, the originals are included with the lot. One of the original EL sheets is marked with the date ’11-7-88′. The lot remains in good restored condition and includes a custom-made display base. Dimensions: 25 cm x 30 cm x 24 cm (10” x 12” x 9 1/2”)


This item contains electronic components. While every effort is made to describe them accurately, no guarantee or warranty is made as to functionality, lifespan or safety of those components. It is entirely incumbent on the new owner to satisfy themselves as to their safe use and maintenance.

Prop Store CEO Stephen Lane said in a statement, “We’re super-excited to be offering Marty McFly’s Nike Shoes from Back to the Future Part II as part of Prop Store’s Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction on 26th September 2017 at London’s BFI IMAX proudly presented by ODEON.  We’ve got hundreds of fantastic lots going under the gavel, including Jules’ wallet from Pulp Fiction and Tony Montana’s Hand-Painted Mansion Portrait from Scarface which is complete with bullet holes!”

It is estimated that the shoes could bring in somewhere between £25,000 – 35,000 (around $32,390-$45,346) on the auction block.  Recently, a replica of the shoes brought in $52,000, much more than is being estimated for the actual pair so, it will be interesting to see how much they actually sell for at auction.

If you are interested in bidding, you can place offers in person, over the phone or online leading up to the auction via the auction site.  The auction will also be live-streamed when it takes place on September 26th.


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