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Melissa McCarthy addresses ‘Ghostbusters 3’ Trailer

Published on May 5th, 2016 | Updated on May 28th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Ghostbusters reboot, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig, has broken an unusual record.

Most disliked movie trailer on YouTube. The statistics do not lie:



687,507 dislikes

Melissa McCarthy has recently put her two cents in about the trailer.

“It’s a reboot not a remake. I know it’s weird that they say [in the trailer] ’30 years ago,’ but in this movie it’s like the first one didn’t happen.
It’s a great story but it’s told totally differently. It’s four unlikely heroes, it’s in New York City, ghosts are taking over; it’s that same classic story but it’s not 30 years later…it’s not dependent on the first one.”- McCarthy.

While the trailer makes it look like the film is another sequel, it isn’t. She has fought to get it changed but was not successful.

“Believe me, the question was asked. I think that it’s very confusing. But then everyone said we don’t care what you think.”- McCarthy.

Hopefully McCarthy’s statement eases some tension. To be clear a remake is a modern version of a movie where it’s crucial to honor
the original, while a reboot is a completely different take on the same plot.

Another reason people dislike this film is the all female cast.

“Some of it is that people don’t want an old property touched — I’m sympathetic to that. But the ones who are hating it because it’s about
women? That’s just a non-starter.” director Paul Feig adds.


“I would hope we weren’t being made the test case for whether women can star in tentpoles or not. That kind of litmus test just wouldn’t be fair to women. If a movie starring a man comes out and bombs, people just think the movie didn’t work. They don’t say: ‘Oh, well, OK! No more men in movies!'”- Feig.

Will you be watching?

What’s your take on the reboot?


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