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Melissa McBride Gives Insight on Carol at the Beginning of Season 7 of The Walking Dead

Published on September 16th, 2016 | Updated on September 16th, 2016 | By FanFest

With the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead on the horizon, it’s not just the fans that are anxiously awaiting the return of the show, the cast is just as excited.  From Andrew Lincoln and Jeffrey Dean Morgan to Melissa McBride; cast members have all given us a little bit of information on next season, in their own opinions, and the one thing that remains true across the board is that life for our most loved characters has dramatically changed.

Melissa McBride recently spoke about the differences coming in season 7 from the cast and crew to the characters and fans and the entire Walking Dead world has grown exponentially.

The cast is a lot bigger. Where we left off, everybody was scattered. All of our Alexandrian group, everybody was scattered. Carol had left, and then you had the group on their knees. It’s a little lonely coming back.

Carol and Morgan will be headed to The Kingdom where we’ll get our first look at Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva and it’s been suggested that both the journey there and Morgan himself will have a great affect on Carol’s wellbeing and future.

‘I think it’s all blending together, the effect. Just to see how Morgan will respond to the Kingdom. He and Carol were not seeing eye to eye when we last saw them, and yet he was forced to make a choice that he had fought so hard against for all of the last season, so we’ll see where that takes them and their mindset and if they have anything new in common.”

Morgan’s choice was, of course, going against what he’d promised himself (and in a way, his late family) that he’d never do again. After becoming a self labeled killing machine, he vowed to never kill a human again, but the end of season 6 saw that promise end as he took a life to save Carol’s.  This decision is likely to bring the pair closer together and maybe give each of them a deeper look at the soul of the other.

The last time we saw Carol she was unconscious, and in season 7 she will wake up in a totally new environment.  Unfortunately, the recovery she finds along the way, and alongside Morgan, may only be temporary as she knows nothing of the death of one of her own, nothing of the brutality behind it.

“She’s passed out when we last see her, so she’s waking up in a whole new place,” she says of Carol’s Season 7 starting point. “We’ll find out how she feels about that and Morgan as well. Just kind of a little bit more of where she’s at in her head.”

The transition from the Carol we saw ending season 6, to the one she’ll become at the beginning of season 7, and what happens to her after she’ll learn of the death will be an interesting one to watch.  She’s been in a fragile state and she’s at a point that determines if she has the will to continue or if she’ll be one that gets lost along the way.

The first few episodes of season 7 will be emotional and mentally challenging ones for every surviving cast member, and while we can’t wait for the season to begin, it’s hard to look forward to what’s coming.

 Season 7 of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 23rd.

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