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MCU: Marvel Might Want To Kill Off Iron Fist!

So, everyone misses the Netflix Marvel shows. Most of them, anyway. One outlier would be Iron Fist, which is widely regarded as the weak link of the Netflix Marvel universe. It’s not like it was the worst thing in the world, but the other shows set a really high bar. Now, Marvel might want to kill off Iron Fist.

Before we go on, please keep in mind that all of this is rumors! There is nothing confirmed as of now, hell, we don’t even know anything definitive for the characters as it is. Though, reportedly Jon Bernthal will be showing up in Moon Knight, which, let’s be honest… yes, please.

So, Danny Rand was played by Finn Jones for Iron Fist on Netflix. The show wasn’t well-received, especially not when compared to the others. Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Punisher are all considered incredible. Luke Cage is good too, just not as great as those other three.

There have been rumors about some of the other characters coming back, whereas for Iron Fist it’s been relatively quiet. Now WeGotThisCovered is claiming that Iron Fist might not come back at all. Now how we knew him, anyway.

They say insider Daniel Richtman says that Finn Jones IS coming back… but only briefly. See, because of how Iron Fist was received, they want to bring him back and immediately kill him off. Oof, that’s really harsh.

It makes sense that if they bring back all the other characters they would have to, or at least should, address Iron Fist. Especially if they’re all introduced through the Multiverse crashing. We knew phase 4 will be dealing with the Multiverse.

Even if this is true, there’s no guarantee that Finn Jones would ever agree to come back, just to be given a humiliating death right away. It would probably make way more sense to just recast him, and explain it through “multiverse”.

So, we’ll have to wait and see if Marvel might want to kill off Iron Fist for real. Good luck, Finn Jones.

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