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MCU: Clark Gregg Knew Iron Man Would Be Huge If Robert Downey Jr. Showed Up! He Was Right!

Published on May 25th, 2021 | Updated on May 25th, 2021 | By FanFest

Iron Man sort of changed the landscape of superhero films, and it revived Robert Downey Jr.’s career. A lot of people didn’t think Iron Man was going to be big. Iron Man wasn’t exactly a big character. Clark Gregg knew Iron Man would be huge if Robert Downey Jr. showed up. Was he right or was he right?

Clark Gregg sounds like a pretty great guy. He knew if Downey could show up, the film would be huge. Above that, though he always had full faith in the Iron Man actor. He fully believed the actor would overcome his addiction issues. He was right.

From the minute I saw that Jon Favreau was directing this movie of Iron Man with Robert Downey as that character with Gwenyth [Paltrow] and Jeff Bridges, I knew that if Robert was able to show up and, you know, become the talent that we’ve all hoped he would be able to be — you know, with the addiction issues — that it would be one of the greatest versions, the best possible version that could have ever been. And he really, really nailed it,” the Iron Man and Agents of SHIELD star said on the latest episode of At Home With The Creative Coalition.

The Iron Man star first started facing drug-related charges in the 1990s and finally got sober in 2003. He credits his wife Susan for helping him get sober. He first met his wife on the set of Gothika.

Clark Gregg’s time with Marvel might be done, though. He was in several MCU films before finally appearing in Agents Of Shield. He doesn’t seem to have any Marvel projects in the works. None he can tell us about. anyway.

“There were some projects that I’d been working on during all my downtime, during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and there’s just so much interesting stuff happening in the longer format stuff — you know, on Netflix […] So I have a couple of ideas that I’ve been developing and been working on those as much as I can get my brain to work here,” the actor added. “There’s television ideas and a feature idea. I was talking to some people about a film that I might do. So still continuing to act, but my dream is to try to make something, a long-form story that I can shoot and use my friends to be in.”

Clark Gregg knew Iron Man would be huge… and he was right.

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