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‘Mayans MC’ Wants You To Meet Emily in New “Secrets” Teaser

Published on August 21st, 2018 | Updated on August 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

The series premiere of Mayans MC is just around the corner and FX has a new important character they want you to meet – Emily. Played by Sarah Bolger, Emily is the childhood sweetheart of series star EZ Reyes (JD Pardo), and has spent her time while EZ’s been in prison moving up in society. The latest teaser shows that Emily may not be all that innocent though as she holds a Mayans vest in her hands with the caption “Some secrets are best kept hidden.” Check it out below!

According to FX’s official character description, Emily Thomas is”the beautiful “guera” next door and childhood sweetheart of EZ. But when Romeo departed, this Juliet didn’t unsheathe the dagger; she traded it in for diamond studs and a mansion on the hill.” While there isn’t much else known about her character, something tells me that she doesn’t live in that mansion on the hill alone and whoever she’s with will probably not be a fan of the club. Of course, Bolger did coyly reveal that kissing Pardo was “a delight” but whether or not that is in the present day or the flashbacks we saw in the trailer remain a mystery.

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While Bolger hasn’t been able to reveal much about Emily, she did take some time earlier this year to express her excitement about the role and joining the brilliant Sons of Anarchy universe.

[row]”We’re under lock and key. So lips are sealed on all Mayan stuff. But all I can tell you is – I just think – after being such a fan of the show, it’s just an electric, brilliant new take on the motorcycle clubs. And with Mayans, I think audience members who love Sons of Anarchy are going to be so happy. It’s just so good,” she told [/row]

FX has also released character teasers for Mayans MC President Obispo “Bishop” Losa, who will be played by Michael Irby and EZ’s brother Angel Reyes who will be played by Clayton Cardenas.

Bolger has appeared on the small screen on series such as The Tudors,  Once Upon a Time where she played Princess Aurora, Agent Carter, and most recently she had a recurring guest role on AMC’s Into the Badlands. 

Set a couple of years after the events of Sons of Anarchy’s series finale, Mayans MC will follow EZ Reyes as he leaves prison and begins prospecting for the Mayanc MC motorcycle club. Created one again by Kurt Sutter the series will also star Law & Order: SVU alum Danny Pinto, Richard Cabral, Emilio Rivera, Edward James Olmos, and Antonio Jaramillo.

Mayans FX premieres on September 4th on FX!


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