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Matthew McConaughey May Soon Join Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Yellowstone’ Universe – and Here’s an Idea of How He Could Fit In!

Published on February 7th, 2023 | Updated on February 7th, 2023 | By FanFest

The Yellowverse—the fan-favorite universe of Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone — is forever transforming and continuously expanding, introducing new talent and crafting carefully connected storylines with nods to years of family history and multiple relationships. We are all abuzz about the news that Matthew McConaughey might be partaking in this enthralling journey, adding an intriguingly powerful element to the Dutton narrative. Alright alright alright!

Sheridan’s narrative is a captivating work of art, intentional and deliberately crafted. Each episode builds upon the last, leaving you in awe with every twist and turn as versions of these characters are revealed – some familiar from the very beginning yet others we have only just discovered. Powerful does not even begin to describe it!

As the Dutton family repeats their wise words, we are reminded of an essential truth that applies to all of us: life is a puzzle. From John’s unwavering promises echoed by Kayce, or Beth’s adult wisdom backed up with Cara’s powerful quotes – this is not just any family; they represent pieces of our lives and values as humans.

Venturing with the Duttons through their intricate and meticulous world is thrilling for fans, especially as more components are added to the story. But how would McConaughey fit in? What could come of his potential membership within this Yellowverse if rumors prove accurate? Let’s explore!


McConaughey could work at the 6666 Ranch

Taylor Sheridan is incredibly intentional when writing a script, and he often has an actor/actress in mind for each role. He may be envisioning Matthew McConaughey’s incorporation into the Yellowverse–furthermore, being a Texan native himself with family first values (and familiarization of Texas land and lifestyle) makes him ideal for the 6666 Ranch spinoff that Sheridan is currently creating.

The core of being a Dutton is prioritizing your family, upholding pledges to them, and preserving the reputation of the family name. McConaughey could depict this characteristic in an upstanding light no matter who he may be playing. The 6666 Ranch isn’t only about Duttons but reflects their values- that blood relations or not, above all else comes loyalty for one’s kinfolk.

McConaughey’s character at the 6666 Ranch would be a fascinating mix of experienced ranch hand and mysterious cowboy. He could provide newcomer Jimmy with words of wisdom while also captivating us all with his dark and brooding yet humorous nature. We can only imagine that this sage figure would bring out plenty of laughter along the way as we watch their budding relationship unfold in Texas!

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What about McConaughey in a prequel?

Let us convince you with this; even the cast of 1923 is baffled by not having a definite genealogy for the Dutton family. What if McConaughey shows up as one of them? Count us in!

Taylor Sheridan has written 1883 in its entirety, and is still working away at 1923. We can look forward to another season of the Duttons’ past before he makes his next move. In a conversation with Deadline, Sheridan also revealed that two more prequel ideas were brewing to further explore the family’s history. With just a few episodes left for Season 1, we’re sure there will be plenty more stories from this legendary clan!

Sheridan intends to create prequels set in the 1940s and 1960s, showcasing more of the Dutton family’s captivating journey as they endure an ever-evolving world with a barrage of adversaries. It would be absolutely breathtaking to witness McConaughey playing a brave member of this clan who stands tall against every danger thrown their way. Moreover, another noteworthy character that could make appearances is John Dutton II –on top of expanding our understanding about how strong willed and powerful the whole family truly is!

We’d be thrilled if McConaughey played the part of John Dutton’s father and gave us a peek into his world. Even if he isn’t related to this iconic family, we’d still enjoy seeing him as one of their assets; maybe even stepping in as Rip Wheeler for an old-fashioned 1940s or 1960s spinoff! Whatever role it is, all that matters is that it showcases much more of what McConaughey has to offer — and we can hardly wait!


Matthew McConaughey

could even play a villain

Who doesn’t love a character that can make us swoon? We’d adore seeing McConaughey in the Yellowverse as exactly that, but imagine him taking the role of an antagonist! Can you envision it? He’d saunter into frame with his brown locks peaking out beneath his cowboy hat. Our imaginations would run wild if he were to take up arms against Dutton family forces — although we know all too well what usually becomes of those who dare oppose them…

We would be ecstatic to see Matthew McConaughey portray a villainous role, but even better if he proved his staying power as an actor. Chief Thomas Rainwater initially served as a major adversary of the Dutton family yet eventually comprehended that it was more beneficial for him and John to collaborate than oppose each other. Thus there is still hope for McConaughey to live up to our expectations in this case!

If McConaughey were to show up in Yellowstone’s 1940s or 1960s spinoff as an antagonist, we’d like to see him forge a bond with John Dutton II and together they would work against their common enemy. By uniting forces, the two of them could potentially overcome any obstacles standing in their way.

As Yellowstone continues to develop, undoubtedly it will create a captivating narrative. Let’s celebrate the Duttons’ success for years and hopefully some of them with Matthew McConaughey! We all have dreams – let’s make this one come true!

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