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Matt Reeves And Robert Pattinson Hate Each Other? Is The Batman 2 Canceled Already!?

The Batman has undergone some serious behind-the-scenes drama, or so that’s how it sounds. We’ve been hearing rumors of complications for at least a year now, some to do with Robert Pattinson. Others say it’s because of Warner Bros. interfering with the film! Because of the newest rumors we have to ask ourselves… Do Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson hate each other? If so, is it possible The Batman 2 has been canceled before it was ever even green-lit?

Apparently, this isn’t just some minor disagreement. WeGotThisCovered has a source close to them that claims the two actually hate each other. That’s a really bold statement and an incredibly concerning thing to say. We really have to hope it’s nothing more than rumors.

If there’s one thing we can take comfort in, it’s the fact that the film doesn’t seem to have suffered. We’ve seen very little of the film so far, but we have seen at least one trailer. It promises a dark, realistic take on the Dark Knight. We should also point out Pattinson looked awesome in it.

But what about a The Batman 2? Well, it might not happen. The same source is claiming that Pattinson is refusing to work with Reeves again. That is unless the actor receives an apology from the director. Is it possible that Pattinson is going to get that apology? It’s been said that Pattinson has agreed on $20 million for The Batman 2, so maybe that’s enough money for him to come back, even if he doesn’t like the director.

We’ll have to wait on any news about The Batman and any potential sequels for now. It’s doubtful we’ll get any confirmation for right now, but let’s just hope all is well. Do Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson hate each other? We hope not, because we want The Batman to be as awesome as possible!



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