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Marvel’s Secret Invasion: Dermot Mulroney Dances Around His Role in New Disney Plus Series with Samuel L Jackson

Published on April 13th, 2022 | Updated on April 13th, 2022 | By FanFest

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Secret Invasion series has been largely hidden, but a single background Easter Egg ended up confirming two major new characters to the ensemble cast.

Don Cheadle‘s Rhodey was expected to appear the show for the first time, as an image from the newspaper’s front page had previously indicated that he would. Samuel L. Jackson confirmed Don Cheadle’s presence on the show, perhaps more intriguingly, Dermot Mulroney was also there.

Matthew Ellis was played by William Sadler in numerous episodes during the early years of the franchise, but it appears that his stay (or stays) are over as the character. However, when asked about his Secret Invasion involvement in an interview with ComicBookMovie, Mulroney deftly avoided the question like the seasoned pro he is.

“I don’t know…I did work with Don Cheadle. And I think there’s some footage from that episode of Fame in 1986 dangling out there on YouTube, so please don’t watch that. Um, I’m sorry, was there another question?”

That’s as solid a confirmation as you’ll get when Marvel maintains such high levels of security around every in-production movie and TV project, but that doesn’t mean Mulroney won’t have a significant role.

After all, the MCU’s previous commander-in-chief was more of a string of extended cameos than a full-fledged supporting player, although it would make for an incredible plot twist if it were revealed that the president of the free world had been replaced by a shapeshifting alien with ambitions to conquer the planet.

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