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Marvel’s New Comic Series Destroys Marvel History

When someone asks who the strongest and most dangerous Marvel character is, many would shout names like Thanos, Captain Marvel, Thor, Galactus, as well as countless others. But, Marvel’s new contender for the ‘all-powerful being’ title may surprise you. Originally starting off a henchman to Thanos in ‘Thanos #13’ in 2017, the new spin-off puts this new character in a state of pure omnipotence and, as suggested by the title, has given him the potential to destroy and rewrite Marvel history from its very roots. Forget the Infinity Stones, forget the Mad-Titan. The destroyer of worlds and timelines is none other than Frank Castle himself.

Marvel's New Comic Series Destroys Marvel History
Photo Credit to Marvel Comics (with art by Gerardo Sandoval. Cover by Gerardo Zaffino)

The new six-issue mini-series, written by Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti, follows Frank Castle as a new incarnation of the Ghost Rider called the Cosmic Ghost Rider. In this alternate timeline, Frank Castle meets his end at the hands of Thanos and is bestowed with the Spirit of Vengeance by Mephisto and then further empowered by Galactus himself who gives him the godly energy of the Power Cosmic. With his new abilities the Cosmic Ghost Rider, from what has been stated by Marvel, goes on a quest to rewrite some of the most iconic superhero origin stories known to fans. The newly released teaser reveals that this particular series will answer questions regarding the Cosmic Ghost Rider’s involvement in the mysterious bombardment of cosmic radiation that made the Fantastic Four, the finding of Captain America in ice, and even hints that the Cosmic Ghost Rider will be directly responsible for bringing Spider-Man back after he retired in ‘Spider-Man: No More’ in 1967.

The new series titled ‘Cosmic Ghost Rider: Destroys Marvel History’ will launch in early March 2019. In preparation for this new series, Cosmic Ghost Rider had a five-issue series that ended recently in November, written by Donny Cates. Go and do your research and prepare to watch the entire history of Marvel crumble.

Marvel's New Comic Series Destroys Marvel History
Photo credit to Marvel Comics (with art by Dylan Burnett. Cover by Geoff Shaw)