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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’: Secondary Characters will play more Prominent Roles

As it turns out, we’ll be seeing a little bit less of our heroine and a little more of the supporting characters.

Season 2 will turn the focus away from Jessica to let the other characters shine. Jessica won’t be the only protagonist and the plot lines won’t rely solely on her.

Two characters that will have their own storylines are Will Simpson and Trish Walker. Much of season 1 was spent fleshing them out so that they would eventually be able to hold their own.

And even though Kilgrave is gone, the aftermath of what he has done is still haunting Jessica. Especially that last encounter on the dock. Is she in a more fragile state now than she was in season 1?

‘Jessica Jones’ will continue production later this year and will be filmed simultaneously with season 1 of ‘The Defenders.’

There’s still no word on when ‘Jessica Jones’ will be released.

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