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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA You’re A Winner!’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 5th, 2018 | By FanFest

David Tennant just said balls 4 times and won a little over a million dollars with a 2 and a 7. Worst poker player ever! Or maybe the best?

Anyway Luke visits Jessica because he wants to hire her to find someone for him. Antoine Greer seems to be missing and Jessica agrees to help him. Hogarth calls to tell Jessica that Hope was attacked in jail. Rumors say it’s a Sissy Garcia. Now Sissy says Hope paid her to attack her. Which is it ladies?

Hope paid Sissy to get rid of her baby. It reminds her of what she went through.

Jessica sends her daily selfie to Kilgrave and begins her search for Antione. She goes to his apartment and finds Luke there.

Jessica deduces that Antione left on his own, his toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant are gone. She also finds his cell phone number and leaves a voicemail saying that he won an Xbox 1.

The loan shark that Antione owes money to meets them outside his apartment. They strike a deal.

Luke gives her a ride on his motorcycle. The sexual tension is intense!

Malcolm is worried that Luke is being manipulated and will hurt Jessica. They begin to talk and Luke asks about Kilgrave.

Luke then goes to Jessica’s to tell her that he knows about Kilgrave. Jessica is not happy that he knows so much about her past.

“You are a hard drinking, short fused mess of a woman but you are not a piece of shit.” -Luke to Jessica.

How romantic. And they’re back to having sex again.

Antione calls. Kind of. Some guy calls using Antione’s phone. And Luke’s real motive is revealed. He wants to prove that his wife’s (Reva’s) death wasn’t an accident.

Jessica gives Hope a pill that will take care of her pregnancy. She will be in excruciating pain for a while but her baby will be dead.

Luke and Jessica wait for the guy who has Antione’s phone. They follow him to find the real Antione. They also find a lot of weed and the loan shark. Jessica flees with Antione as Luke fights everyone.

Luke helped find Antione for Serena, Antione’s sister because she has information on Reva’s death: Charles Wallace was drunk the night of the bus accident. He was the driver.

Luke confronts Wallace and Wallace is very apologetic. He has been sober since the accident but that doesn’t stop Luke from throwing him through a window. To save Wallace’s life, Jessica reveals that she killed Reva because she and Kilgrave brought her there. Luke is devastated.

“I was wrong, you are a piece of shit.” – Luke to Jessica.


To end the episode, Kilgrave buys Jessica’s childhood home… he gets creepier by the minute!

At least now we know why Jessica chose the street names she says for her calming mantra, they are a meaningful part of her life.

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