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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones Recap ‘AKA The Sandwich Saved Me’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

Rewind 18 months. Before Kilgrave. Jessica had an office job? What?? Trish tries to convince Jessica to become a hero.

Fast forward to present. After Kilgrave. Jessica is a private investigator working on her own terms. That’s more like it.

Jessica follows Malcolm and it is true that he is meeting Kilgrave. It makes sense, no one suspects a druggie.

In the meantime, Trish and Will have been doing a little more than talking. Of course Jessica finds out.

“So I guess you’re over him trying to kill you and all.” Jessica to Trish.

So that things appear normal to Kilgrave, Trish continues her show and Jessica uses Will to drive her. They debate on the plan ahead.

Back at her building, Jessica finds Malcolm unconscious and Hope calls. She wants cash and doesn’t believe Jessica is actually going to
catch Kilgrave.

A couple days later, Trish, Will and Jessica begin to carry out the plan. Trish is the driver, Will is back up and Jessica follows Malcolm. Will hits Kilgrave with the anesthesia dart and Jessica carries his limp body to the van. They need him alive but the temptation to kill him is still present.

Unfortunately he’s wearing a tracker. Some of Kilgrave’s henchmen follow them and take Kilgrave back. But lucky for them, Will
was able to secure a hostage.

Jessica goes to confront Malcolm. But he says that she can’t save him again. But she’ll try. Part of that is detoxing him. But, like a
druggie, he doesn’t want to hear it.

Kilgrave got Malcolm hooked on drugs so he’ll keep coming back and do whatever he asked to get more.

Ultimately she gives him a choice. Kilgrave offers to let Malcolm go if Jessica does his job for him. She has to deliver pictures of herself.

To say he’s obsessed with her is an understatement. I’m not gonna lie, Seeing David Tennant as the creepy main villain is intriguing.

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