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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA Take a Bloody Number’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

Luke was under Kilgrave’s spell. Kilgrave told Luke to blow up his bar with him in it and to make sure Jessica sees. When they first meet, Luke wanted to attack Kilgrave. He stops and they talk about Reva and Jessica and how everyone knows each other. Kilgrave doesn’t know about Luke’s skin, so he thinks Luke will die in the blast.

They leave and go to Jessica’s apartment. Jessica tells Luke that she thinks that by her killing Reva, she was able to break Kilgrave’s hold on her. Trish is getting released from the hospital. The two dead men were taken from her apartment and the whole placed has been cleaned up. Trish’s mother comes to visit her. Trish assures her that she didn’t relapse and that she’s fine.

Jessica gives Luke the option to run away, but that’s not the type of person he is.

“I want him dead, same as you. Until that happens, I’m with you.” – Luke

Malcolm is moving back home. He’d much rather face his parents about his drug habit than deal with Jessica. Jessica and Luke go to the hotel room that Kilgrave’s father was staying and find worthless junk except for a solution used for genetic brain disorders.

They then go to Zalk and are told that Kilgrave’s father was there twice and will be coming back for more. So they wait. Kilgrave is keeping his father alive. But why? Luke attempts to apologize to Jessica but she doesn’t want it, so he decides to forgive her.

Back at Trish’s, her mother stop by again with an IGH folder. She is trying to earn back her trust by giving her this. IGH paid for Jessica’s medical bills after her accident. Trish think they are responsible for Jessica’s powers. Trish knows her mother is full of it and wants her to leave. A taxi shows up at Zalk, but it’s not Kilgrave. Luke and Jessica follow this man anyway. In order to keep Luke from Kilgrave’s spell, Jessica follows the man alone, but can’t save him killing himself in the middle of Central Park.

Luke tries to comfort Jessica as they go back to Jessica’s apartment. They find Trish at her door. Trish notices the chemistry between them and leaves without telling Jessica about IGH.

Jessica shows Luke the USB that Reva was killed over. It was meant for him. As Malcolm goes to leave, he hears Robyn fighting with someone upstairs. He goes up there to break up the fight and the mailwoman gives Robyn the package meant for Ruben. She is a mess without him. So Malcolm sits with her for a while.

Kilgrave’s father is exhausted and Kilgrave is growing impatient. When his father complains, Kilgrave makes him regain focus by almost chopping up his hand in the bender. Malcolm takes Robyn to where he dumped Ruben’s body. Robyn forgives Malcolm and let’s go of Ruben.

“You put him with the fishes? We’re Pisces you know.” – Robyn

Luke and Jessica go to a night club-esque building. They pose as liquor control to gain access to the security footage. Unfortunately it’s all been erased. Kilgrave is on the stage and seems to be practicing for something. He reveals that he’s been controlling Luke this whole time. His spell now lasts 24 hours and the range has widened. Kilgrave orders Luke to kill Jessica as he escapes… yet again.

As Jessica leaves the building, cops show up because of a noise disturbance. They ignore Jessica’s warnings and go into the building, only to be thrown unconscious by Luke. Luke continues to go after Jessica and she shoots him in the head with a police rifle.

“Do what you gotta do.” –Luke

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