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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA It’s Called Whiskey’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

Jessica and Luke are getting down n’ dirty as the boy twin from downstairs watches. When caught, he says that his sister says they are
being too loud. He’s kind of turning into a creep. Jessica and Luke go get food and flirt over their powers. Jessica reveals that her powers were by accident and that she used to do the whole “superhero thing.” They have sex again.

Jessica finds a picture of a dead girl and Luke gets defensive. To diffuse the tension, Jessica leaves. The media is reporting on Hope and other “the devil made me do it” cases. Jessica tries to get Trish to agree to interview people about Hope to help prove that she might be innocent. She initially refuses until Jessica reveals that a surgical anesthesia can block Kilgrave’s powers.

Jessica goes to Hogarth’s wife, Wendy, asking for the anesthesia. Unfortunately, Wendy does not have access to those drugs. So Jessica asks Luke if he knows where she can get the drugs. They have sex, again.

Luke and Jessica discuss the idea of there being another person, like them, but who can control minds.

Trish has arranged for Hope to speak on her show, Jessica doesn’t think that’s a good idea. They talk about her being controlled and what she remembers. Hogarth dismisses the possibility of Hope being telepathically manipulated. She calls it a psychotic break.

Trish goes off book trying to defend Hope and Kilgrave calls in to the show. Spooked, Jessica and Trish flee the station. A fan grabs
Trish and she instinctively attacks him.

Dr. Kurata has fled to India. So, as a last resort, Jessica breaks into an authorized hospital room and steals some anesthesia.

A police officer comes to Trish’s place asking about the attack. She lets him in and he attacks her. She puts up a good fight but Jessica
comes to save the day. She gives Trish some of the anesthesia to make her appear dead and the officer leaves. Jessica plants Trish’s phone with a GPS tracker on the officer, hoping he’ll lead her to Kilgrave.

And he does. He leads her to Kilgrave’s hideout. She blows her cover by saving the officer from jumping to his death. In doing so, she is reminded of the girl, the one in the picture. She killed that girl the night of the bus crash.

Kilgrave’s servants are trying to keep Jessica from following him. But she manages to get past them and into a creepy room full of pictures of her and a note “see you later.”

Jessica goes to Luke’s to break off their “relationship.”

“Do what you gotta do.” – Luke to Jessica.

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