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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA Crush Sydrome’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

Jessica is being interrogated after Hope killed her parents. She is desperate to prove that Hope was not in her right mind when it all happened.

She goes to visit Hope and tries to get her to talk about Kilgrave or about what she had been through. Hope knows it isn’t her fault, she blames Jessica. It’s her fault because she left him alone to die and now she’s suffering for it.

Trish begs Jessica to get help or at least talk to her and Jessica gives the money back. Slightly insulted, Trish offers for Jessica to live with her but she refuses.

“You think I’ll be safe there? I’m not safe anywhere. Every corner I turn, I don’t know what’s on the other side. I don’t know who’s on the other side.” – Jessica to Trish

Luke, who stays away from complications, found out (from Jessica) that his “booty call” is married and lying to him and her husband.

To find out about Kilgrave and the bus, she sneaks into the hospital with some very fashionable scrubs and it’s revealed that the only victims were the driver and a woman who was dead on arrival. The driver of one of the ambulances, Jack Denton, took the ambulance and its passenger and drove off. Now he appears to have had a stroke and is hooked up to a dialysis machine because he donated
both of his kidneys. He asks Jessica to kill him, but she can’t.

Jessica goes to the college Dr. Kurata teaches at to talk to him. He forged Kilgrave’s death certificate and took both of Jack Denton’s
kidneys to give to him so Kilgrave can be whole again. Jessica calls Hogarth and has Dr. Kurata explain everything. Hogarth takes Hope’s case.

Luke’s booty call comes to see Jessica and blames her for ruining her marriage and Luke. Her husband got his rugby teammates to gather and beat him up. They don’t even phase him. Or Jessica. Damn. Either rugby players are wimpy or Luke is like Jessica, having super human abilities.

Luke later calls Jessica out on her super human strength and shows her his own power, by running an electric saw around his stomach, without leaving a mark. He can’t be harmed. He’s unbreakable.


This show keeps getting better and better! I for see some major fight scenes coming, with Trish taking self-defense lessons and Luke and Jessica teaming up. And Kilgrave is even more powerful than I thought. He controlled minds just by commanding them. Kinda like Rey using the force in Star Wars Episode 7.

So will Jessica be able to defeat Kilgrave and prove that Hope is innocent? Or will her PTSD get the better of her?


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