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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA 99 friends’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

Jessica is walking around New York to figure out who Kilgrave has manipulated to take all of those photos. Audrey Eastman is having relationship issues. Her husband is cheating and she wants Jessica to catch him and his “wandering penis” in the act. Desmond Toby, her divorce lawyer referred her to Jessica.

That police officer, Will Simpson is back at Trish’s place because he thinks her body is still in there. Jessica reveals that Trish is indeed alive and that they know that it wasn’t really him who attacked Trish. Will offers to help Jessica get rid of Kilgrave but Jessica tells him to stay out of it. She later agrees to let him help find out who is taking all of the pictures of her.

Trish publically apologizes to Kilgrave on the air. Jessica begins to follow Audrey to make sure she isn’t under Kilgrave’s spell. She follows her to an abandoned building where Audrey is shooting off a gun.

Hogarth summoned Jessica to find dirt on Wendy, the two are getting divorced. Jessica is also called to interview other people who claim to have been manipulated by Kilgrave. She finds a few who are legit and tells them to talk about their experiences.

Jessica’s paranoia is growing, anyone with a camera puts her on edge. A little girl spies Jessica on the street and tells her off. She scares Jessica into thinking that Audrey will be the next victim. This makes her hesitant to continue trailing Audrey’s husband.

In the middle of following him, Jessica gets a call from Audrey. But the call is coming from the room she saw Audrey’s husband
go into. Audrey is on the other side with a gun. Pointed right at Jessica. Apparently Audrey has a grudge because her mother died in a superhero accident that Jessica wasn’t even a part of. Audrey wants to get revenge by killing all of the super humans. There are 99. Good Luck Audrey.

Will tries to apologize to Trish and gets her a hand gun so she can feel safe. The two begin talking, her on one side of the door, him on the other. They talk about life, childhood, and about how Trish doesn’t blame him for what he did to her. She finally lets him into her apartment.

Jessica goes to the group meeting for other Kilgrave victims and she takes an interest in a guy who was Kilgrave’s chauffeur for a week. She goes back to the surveillance videos the police officer gave her to find a man in a blue striped scarf. Malcolm.

Well that would explain why he was always stoned… His brain is probably mush after dealing with Kilgrave this whole time.

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