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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Recap ‘AKA 1,000 Cuts’

Published on November 20th, 2015 | Updated on April 7th, 2018 | By FanFest

Kilgrave escaped using Hogarth. She now realizes how dangerous Kilgrave is. She takes him to Wendy’s for treatment.

Trish is still trying to put a bullet in her head, Jessica puts the bullet in her mouth, telling her that she obeyed him. Det. Clemons is now on Jessica’s side. Kilgrave’s father is alive but he is still trying to kill himself. And by process of elimination, Jessica concludes that Hogarth is the one who cut the wire that made the electrocution button work.

Kilgrave’s father says that they had been working on a cure for Kilgrave, a vaccine to get rid of the virus he emits. Wendy and Kilgrave bond over their broken hearts and Hogarth tells him about Hope’s pregnancy and the abortion and that she kept the remains to see if his power could be replicated. It can’t.

Hogarth calls Jessica and Kilgrave commands her to not tell Jessica where he is and to find out about his father. Wendy spoils the plan
and he knows Jessica is lying. He tells Wendy to kill Hogarth.

“You wanted death by 1000 cuts, do it.” – Kilgrave

Will goes to the sealed room to find Det. Clemons. Clemons reveals that they have enough evidence to put Kilgrave away. Will suggests that they won’t be able to hold him so the only option is to take him out. He asks where Trish is and Det. Clemons tells him. Will then
shoots him in the head and sets him on fire. What the hell man?

Wendy is cutting Hogarth over and over and Pam saves her by hitting Wendy in the head. Unfortunately that smack made her head slam into a table, killing her. Kilgrave left to find his father.

Robyn and Malcolm are putting up flyers for Ruben. Malcolm feels guilty but also doesn’t have the heart to tell her. For a pain in the ass, I really feel sorry for Robyn.

Jessica goes home and Kilgrave sneaks up on her. He thinks she won’t kill him because if she does, a bunch of people will commit suicide. He tells Jessica that Hope is going to be released if she helps him find his dad. He also agrees to leave Jessica alone.

Pam is in an interrogation room, scared beyond belief. Hogarth tells Pam that Kilgrave made her take him to Wendy. She also says that it was Pam’s idea to pick up the vase and smash Wendy’s head into a table. This prompts Pam to seek out a new lawyer. I think it’s safe to say their engagement is off.

Robyn follows Malcolm to the victim support group, where he confesses that Kilgrave killed Ruben and that he dumped the body. Robyn over hears and rallies the support group to go to Jessica’s place and attack her. Robyn finds Kilgrave and sets him free.

Will goes to where Det. Clemons said Trish would be. He begins questioning Kilgrave’s father aggressively and Trish kicks him out.

The next morning Jessica wakes up to find Kilgrave gone. She goes to pick up Hope to find that Kilgrave got there first. An officer
tells her to go to his favorite restaurant and to bring his father or abandon all hope.

When they arrive, they find the men who attacked her, Robyn and Malcom all attached to nooses on top of the bar. Kilgrave orders his father to come forward. Hope stabs herself in the neck so Jessica can kill Kilgrave. He orders the four on the nooses to step forward and hang themselves.

While Jessica saves the quartet, Hope is bleeding out and Kilgrave escapes… again.

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