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Marvel welcomes 20th Century Studios to the realm of comics with an all-new imprint!

Published on March 6th, 2023 | Updated on March 6th, 2023 | By FanFest

In anticipation of the Planet of the Apes’ highly-anticipated return to theaters in 2024, Marvel made headlines last year when they released a groundbreaking new comic book for this beloved franchise. The forthcoming motion picture will be issued under the 20th Century Studios label, and it appears that the production house itself will continue to thrive in comic books even after this single series.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Marvel has created a new imprint called 20th Century Studios devoted to comics inspired by films from their movie studio. Consequently, the Apes comic by David F. Walker and Dave Wachter will not be the only one under this banner; future comics based on the Alien and Predator franchises are also being considered.

With both horror franchises receiving monthly comic books and renewed attention from projects such as Prey and the upcoming Alien installment directed by Fede Alvarez, This collaboration is perfectly timed! Get ready for the debut of Planet of the Apes #1 in April, followed by Alien #1 (by Declan Shalvey and Andrea Broccardo) and Predator #2 (from Ed Brisson and Netho Diaz). It’s sure to be an exciting month with these thrilling releases!

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief CB Cebulski confided to the Reporter that his company had been searching for a unique platform in their comic universe where they could grow and create even more magnificent moments from beloved properties. By joining forces with our partners at 20th Century Studios, this comic book imprint is the perfect way to solidify a creative legacy. Steve Asbell, President of 20th Century Studios remarked that they “had an absolute blast” working with C.B. and highlighted how it was an honor for them as lifelong Marvel comics fans to be part of such a long-standing tradition.

We are confident that fans will appreciate the modern spin on these acclaimed, classic films. And while we have mentioned a three-movie series, to begin with, there is still more in stor! At Cinemacon in 2019, Disney announced that it is investing heavily in the Alien, Kingsman, and Maze Runner franchises to create future films. When those movies are eventually released, there’s a strong chance that they will be accompanied by accompanying comics.

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