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Marvel Reveals the Origin of the Infinity Stones

Published on November 16th, 2018 | Updated on November 16th, 2018 | By FanFest

The Infinity Stones story has never been shy of mystery, and at this point, we all know the power they hold both individually and collectively. Infinity has the power to shape reality as we know it. Through Avengers: Infinity War, it has illustrated that to millions of people through the Mad Titan, Thanos.

The stones are a scary, powerful tool an aspect Avengers have always fought to safeguard for years. In the Infinity 5, the mystery surrounding where they came from has finally begun to clear. The light is giving us insight into where exactly the relics originated. Also, it expounds exactly who released items that have the ability to reshape reality into the multiverse.



Here’s the gist: The Soul Gem, the first Infinity Gem debuted in the Marvel Premiere when High Evolutionary gave it to Adam Warlock. As time goes on, Thanos comes hunting for the rest. Mind, Power, Time, Space, and Reality come to play as we learn their cosmic strengths, but it is vague how it comes to be.

Warlock needed an Infinity Watch in order to protect them and the Universe elders would warn them of the terror which could occur if one collected each of them. As Thanos reshapes half of the galaxy, recent stories would see a group of Marvel heroes called Illuminati trying to keep them out of the wrong hands. Where the stones come from remained a mystery.

During the Infinity War, it gets more complicated when it is revealed that there are Infinity Stones in every multiverse. The mystery is now sort of solved courtesy of the Asgardian god mischief, Loki.


In Infinity War #5, Loki duplicates his version of the Infinity Watch within the Soul World by stealing them from Gamora. He plans to dive into the Quarry of the Gods to find unlimited power. As soon as he gets there, what he thought he believed immediately is thrown away.

While he’s there, the Stones have zero power. They are reduced to rocks. He sees that the area around him is full of thousands of stones. This quarry is where the Inifnity Stones are mined. Loki sees that the miners are a group of Celestials trying to manipulate the Universe’s fate.

They’ve been distributing them and mining them for specific realities and alternate realities. These miners are the real gods of the Marvel multiverse.

This notion has been discussed in Guardians of the Galaxy, when Collector talks about the beginning of creation. The Big Bang gave energy to the sic stones, and the Celestials wield the Power Stone.

So now we know that instead of just owning them, the group actually created them. Thanks to Loki, a big question has been cleared up much to his dismay. He recently tries to ravage Earth with a Dark Celestial group, so it’s clear he doesn’t know much about his own people. This batch of Celestials may pre-date all the rest.


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