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Marvel Reportedly Wants Ryan Reynolds To Play Nice With Disney

Marvel reportedly wants Ryan Reynolds to play nice with Disney. This makes sense, considering the fact that Disney now owns Marvel and all the movies and characters attached to them. We’ve heard in the past that Ryan Reynolds isn’t a big Disney fan. I can’t recall ever hearing him say this directly, but if they’re affecting Deadpool negatively it’s entirely possible.

Deadpool 3 rumors have been relentless since the film was confirmed to be in production. The Molyneux sisters are in charge of writing the script. People have been throwing all kinds of accusations around but neither Disney nor Marvel has really commented on them. Here are a few of the things we know for sure.

The script is currently being written, and it will be the MCU’s first R-rated film. Rumors say it will probably be the MCU‘s ONLY R-rated film as well, as to not clash with Disney’s brand. The film isn’t going to start filming until next year at the earliest. Those are the things we know for sure.

Marvel Reportedly Wants Ryan Reynolds To Play Nice With Disney
CR: 20th Century Fox

Even though those are the facts it hasn’t stopped people on the inside from commenting and sharing. Insider Daniel Richtman has claimed numerous times that there is discontent between Reynolds and Disney. He also claims that Kevin Feige is acting as a mediator between Reynolds and Disney. Could Reynolds really be that angry with Disney?

In the last month alone Richtman has said that Reynolds is pissed because Disney keeps censoring his ideas. This goes against what Reynolds has said in the past, since he claims he’s been given everything he wants. It’s possible he’s unwilling to speak out against Disney, though. For now, it remains unclear what’s really going on.

The film is still a long way away and all we can do is hope that Reynolds and Disney can solve their differences. Hopefully it doesn’t affect the final product that is Deadpool 3. And here’s hoping Ryan Reynolds can play nice with Disney.

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