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Marvel-ous Monday: Five ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Predictions

Published on April 22nd, 2019 | Updated on April 23rd, 2019 | By FanFest

**All predictions will be comic-based, so tread lightly for potential spoilers**

It’s finally here! The week we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Happy Endgame week, everybody, and I hope you are ready to take in one of the largest events in cinematic history.  Disclaimer: There could be potential spoilers within this post, so read on at your own leisure. However, this post is not intended to ruin a film we’ve all been waiting to see. The ideas are purely speculative. With Thanos demanding silence, yet again, and the Russo brothers making a plea on social media, I would hope that fans will keep information regarding the film to themselves once they see it on Thursday night.  I know I will.  Although I would love if some of these predictions hold true, I’m sure the final product will shock us all in some fashion.  Here we go…

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1: Thanos lives.

I’m going to jump right in with this one. Everyone is expecting the Avengers to go to Titan, or wherever he is staying, and defeat Thanos.  Yes, the good guys will likely win, but that doesn’t mean Thanos has to die.  Thanos is a very intellectual being, and although he completely believes his actions were justified in wiping out half of the universe, I firmly believe he regrets killing Gamora and some of the others who perished, especially his Order.  Now, there is a bit of remorse displayed in the pages of the Infinity saga, but said remorse is more of a self-reflection.  Ultimately, Thanos understands that he is not worthy of the power the Gauntlet grants him, and upon his defeat, he “dies” in a suicide blast. The catch? He is living as farmer on another planet, and Adam Warlock recruits him to join the Infinity Watch, which is a group responsible for keeping the Infinity Gems safe.  Now, the character of Thanos has undergone numerous reboots and has suffered numerous deaths, so this prediction is purely based on Brolin’s reception into the MCU.  Fans like Thanos to some degree, so I would imagine that a potential character transformation in the later phases would be welcomed.

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2: Tony Stark both lives and dies.

My prediction here centers around the Iron Man/Spider-Man relationship that has unfolded since Civil War. Looking at some similar storylines, Tony sacrifices himself in Civil War II to protect Miles Morales (i.e. new Spider-Man), which makes me believe he would do the same thing to help Peter Parker in the MCU.  Another comparison with the  Tony/Peter relationship is that it is very similar to the mentor-like relationship Tony shares with Riri Williams in the Ironheart line. The MCU version of Peter is very similar to Riri Williams, as both are intelligent students in need of Stark’s guidance to properly utilize their intelligence and self-imposed desire to fix society. Tony mentors her through A.I. technology after his death, and such storyline could be modified to fit Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

Everyone knows Stark is a genius, and his experimentation and use of holograms and Artificial Intelligence has been frequently addressed and consistently improved with each MCU film.  His ability to communicate with Pepper Potts in the Endgame trailers hints at his use of projection technology, so I believe he already has been playing around with the idea of making himself the new J.A.R.V.I.S., especially after almost losing his life at the end of the first Avengers film and nearly destroying humanity with Ultron.

I really don’t see Tony Stark surviving the events of Endgame for one reason or another, and the A.I. aspect would be cool.  However, I also don’t want to discredit the possibility of Tony taking on a new, physical role in Phase 4. If you are familiar with the Generations line, you know Tony Stark becomes the Sorcerer Supreme in Riri Williams’s vision.  Such transformation would fill a void in the MCU left by the Ancient One, and it would also explain why Doctor Strange was so shocked/surprised after searching the future for possible outcomes after Thanos acquired the Stones.  He sacrificed his stone for Stark’s life. Regardless, Tony Stark is instrumental to the MCU, and I don’t see how the story can continue without him in some capacity.

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3. Captain America goes back to 1942 and stays.

With time travel possible through the Quantum Realm and Ant-Man’s ability to apparently escape/navigate the Realm, I am fairly certain the concept of time travel will be utilized in Endgame.  This fan theory of time travel is probably the most popular and the most accepted of all the theories, but how the heroes utilize it is anyone’s game.  Honestly, each Captain America-centered film has dealt with Steve Rogers and his inability to adjust to the present.  As Bucky turned to dust at the end of Infinity War, I think his death hit Steve in a new way.  He already lost Bucky in the past, and even though he was alive and well in present, he was not the same childhood friend Steve remembered/needed. The loss of Peggy Carter was another harsh reminder that his life shouldn’t be. If Thanos has taught our heroes anything, it is that life is temporary, and I firmly believe Steve is ready to die to finally have some peace with himself and his responsibilities.  If Captain America makes it out alive, I wouldn’t be surprised if he recruits his pal Scott Lang, again, to help his self-centered cause. He doesn’t belong in the present, and Scott Lang may have the ticket to finally the Avenger who is always helping everyone else.

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4. Thor will die…temporarily.

Thor is another Avenger who is destined to play a key role in Endgame. I really can’t picture anyone but Chris Hemsworth playing the god of thunder, and his character has grown from the time he crash-landed on Earth at Odin’s order.  Yes, it makes complete sense to kill him off as there is nothing left for Thor to achieve outside of revenge, but such death would have to come by justifiable means.  Sure, killing Thanos by “going for the head” would be a pleasing exit, but it’s expected.  As many believe Thor will be the one to kill Thanos, I think Thor will be killed by Thanos to truly fulfill the Ragnarok prophecy told by Surtur.  At the conclusion of Thor: Ragnarok, the Asgardian escape hinted that the prophecy was fulfilled by having Hela perish in the flames of Asgard, but the true prophecy mentions a rebirth.  All of the Asgardians aboard the ship that encountered Thanos’s Black Order perished, or at least half of them did according the Russos.  Also, this cinematic adaptation didn’t feature some crucial elements to the prophecy or to Thor’s story.  Thor’s death to fulfill the prophecy dealt with a creature known as the Midgard Serpent, which is a pretty sweet legend. Making it into the movie may be a long shot, Thanos could easily create such foe with one of the Stones. I think Thor will temporarily perish at the hands of Thanos to ensure the nine realms reset themselves and rebirth our heroes (i.e. to truly fulfill the Ragnarok prophecy). He, along with the others who died in Infinity War, will be reborn to usher in a new age. This could be how the universe resets itself to undo the snap.


5. Adam Warlock arrives.

Listen, I know Marvel Creative has denied Warlock making an appearance in Endgame or in any other film before Guardians 3; however, I don’t buy it.  Why would they tell fans about such an iconic character having a monumental impact on the largest film they’ve made?  Exactly. Fans of the Infinity saga know Adam Warlock plays a quintessential role in restoring the universe after Thanos’s tyrannical pursuit to impress Death and protecting the stones against future threats, so ushering in a new era with an Adam Warlock-centered Phase 4 seems realistic.  Again, if the Russos demand silence, I doubt they would share such a crucial spoiler themselves.  An Adam Warlock entrance is going to happen, eventually, thanks to that post-credit scene in Guardians vol. 2, and the character is too connected with Thanos and the Infinity Gems to let this film pass without a clear reference to his existence or, even better, an appearance. If we do get to look inside the Soul Stone, Warlock’s cameo or Easter egg may be there.

I hope everyone enjoys Avengers: Endgame, and Marvel-ous Monday will deal with the aftermath of it next week without major spoilers, of course.


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