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Marvel: Hulk Set to Appear in Next Wolverine Film

Published on October 27th, 2020 | Updated on October 27th, 2020 | By FanFest

Wolverine and the Hulk were first paired together in the 1974 issue of The Incredible Hulk, when Wolverine made his comic book debut. The two have continued to battle out over and over again.  However, the has never translated to the big screen even thought both actors who portray the characters had hoped it would.  Now, it sounds like things are finally coming together to make it happen.

The difficulty, up until now, has been that Wolverine was the property of Fox.  And, of course, Hulk was part of the MCU.  Now that Marvel has acquired Fox and the rights to Wolverine, it appears that it is only a matter of time until the pair makes their way on screen together for a class comic book face-off.  However, Hugh Jackman isn’t currently the Wolverine, despite the desire of fans for him to return. But given the character’s popularity, it is only a matter of time until either the X-Men or Wolverine get their own film in the MCU.

Meanwhile, Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner hasn’t even been considered for a solo movie, and there are signs that his time as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be drawing to a close.  Yet, Geekocity claims that the two comic book titans could clash in the new Wolverine film. “Avengers such as the Hulk and new teams like Alpha Flight are planned to guest in the Wolverine franchise.” The writer continues, “The Wolverine movies are going to have larger budgets, too, requiring PG-13 to achieve maximum profits.”

We’re certainly hoping that this is correct, as Wolverine vs Hulk would be an amazing moment for the MCU that is long overdue.

What are your thoughts on bringing these two characters together? Let us know in the comments below!

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