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Marvel Has Gotten Jessica Jones And Punisher Back

Published on February 19th, 2021 | Updated on February 19th, 2021 | By FanFest

People love the Netflix Marvel shows. Originally it was believed that they were a part of the MCU, Marvel Cinematic Universe, but apparently, they never were. Things got a little messy as the years went on, I guess. One after the other all the Netflix shows began getting canceled and it wasn’t quite clear why. Certain shows like Iron Fist might have been underperforming. Others like Daredevil, however, were absolute fan favorites and fans loved Charlie Cox. Eventually, all of the Netflix Marvel shows were canceled, leaving fans angry and disappointed. All we could do was wait for the rights to revert to Marvel and hope that they saved the shows. Now, Marvel has gotten Jessica Jones and Punisher back. reports that the characters are now firmly in Marvel’s grasp once again.

Jessica Jones, Netflix, Marvel
Image Credit: Netflix

Jessica Jones and The Punisher were the final shows to be canceled on Netflix. With those two finally going home Marvel has now regained the rights to all the characters that called Netflix home. Marvel has not said one way or the other what the plan is in regards to these characters. Many fans are hoping the shows will be saved and come back, cast intact. Others are hoping for them to just reboot the characters and start fresh. A third party just hopes the characters get rebooted but the actors stay the same. Though nothing is confirmed that last option does have some potential. Many rumors are flying about that Charlie Cox was spotted on the set of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3. He is allegedly going to be playing the role of Peter Parket’s lawyer, after the reveal of his secret identity in Far From Home.

Marvel will undoubtedly reveal their plans in good time. For now, let’s just be glad that something can finally be done with these characters again. I can’t wait to see them in the MCU.

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