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Marvel: Black Widow & Slate of Marvel Films Delayed… Again, to 2021

Published on September 23rd, 2020 | Updated on September 23rd, 2020 | By FanFest

Can we please move on from 2020? Marvel’s Black Widow is being pushed to May 2, 2021.  As a result, the entire slate of 2020 films is also being pushed to 2021 too. Eternals and Shang-Chi are no long on the calendar for 2020.  Shang-Chi will now be released on July 9, 2021. Eternals will now be released on May 7, 2021.

There has been no other mention of any other films being moved.  We will get a small taste of Marvel in 2020 (cross our fingers), as Wandavision is set to air on Disney+ in December.  As well, we know that Loki and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier are back in production, so we will certainly get some Marvel coverage on Disney+ in 2021 should the pandemic continue to keep people away from theaters.

Black Widow features Natasha Romanoff’s backstory as she teams up with her sister Yelena Belova and the rest of her Russian family to defeat the villainous Taskmaster. A recently new still, released by Empire magazine, shows Scarlett Johansson‘s Romanoff taking the villain.  This was more promotion for the film, as things kept getting extended further out.

Marvel via Empire

Taskmaster, also known as Tony Masters, first appeared in 1980’s The Avengers #195 by David Michelinie and George Perez and has played a villain, an antihero and a hero throughout his history. The character has an incredibly unique ability that allows him to mimic the physical movements of anyone he observes, heroes and villains alike, and as a child, he observed the movements of many superheroes and trained himself for a life of crime.

However, he eventually switched gears and decided to create a training center for other aspiring criminals. One of Taskmaster’s most famous students was Crossbones, a Hydra operative that was featured in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.

Black Widow is scheduled to premiere on November 6, 2020.

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