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‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 2 Brings More ‘Star Wars’ Nostalgia

Published on November 15th, 2019 | Updated on November 15th, 2019 | By FanFest

Episode two of The Mandalorian arrived on Disney+ early this morning and it brings more Star Wars nostalgia after an already epic pilot episode.

Heads up! Spoilers ahead, as we touch on some major Star Wars goodies.

Mando and Baby Yoda go on an adventure and they become a dynamic duo like no other!

The Force, Part I

Okay, that’s not the case. However, we learn really quick that 50-year-old Baby Yoda isn’t really all baby. After Mando confronts some other bounty hunters and is injured, we learn that Baby Yoda already has an understanding of the Force and his abilities, as we see him attempt to heal Mando. However, Mando keeps thinking that Baby Yoda is just escaping from its crib and doesn’t understand he’s trying to help.


Make all of those little Jawa noises in your head right now! Great! Now you’re stuck doing that the rest of the day! You’re welcome! The Jawas return to the screen and their right-back stealing junk or, in this case, Mando’s ship. They’ve completely broken it down and left with all the good parts, only for Mando to successfully get them back later.  Also, the costuming for these Jawas is fantastic. And don’t forget a freaking Sandcrawler!

The Egg! The Egg! (Come on! That was hilarious too!)

The Force, Part II

Yeah, we know we already touched on the Force, but that was just to demonstrate that Baby Yoda had knowledge that he’s got the ability. This time, we were able to see it in action, as Baby Yoda lift some sort of rhino/pig/ egg-laying giant beast and save Mando from sure death. Like most of the giant feats by a Jedi, this exhausted Baby Yoda.

Yep, we’re sticking with “Baby Yoda” as the name until someone says otherwise!

Episode three of The Mandalorian doesn’t arrive until next Friday, the 22nd, so we’ve got plenty of time to ponder this episode and future episodes.

What did you love about this episode and what Star Wars goodies and nostalgia did you catch that we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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