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Make Sure To Check Out THIS Awesome Chris Hemsworth Movie Returning To Netflix!

Published on June 30th, 2021 | Updated on June 30th, 2021 | By FanFest

Chris Hemsworth, at this point, will forever be known as Thor. We’re not sure anyone will ever be able to play the character the way that Hemsworth has over the last decade. When people think of Thor, they think of Hemsworth before they do the comic book character. He has other roles though, guys! And one of the other films he’s in is coming back to Netflix! Make sure you check out this awesome Chris Hemsworth movie that’s coming back to Netflix!

What’s funny about the film we’re talking about, is the fact that Hemsworth isn’t the main lead! This film comes from a time before Hemsworth was the God of Thunder of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! He played a smaller part in one of the Star Trek films. No, not the originals you silly goose! The newer J.J. Abrams versions of the films. You may recognize J.J. Abrams from such films as well… Star Trek, and the completely different Star Wars films.

By now, you’re probably thinking back to Star Trek, the 2009 version as stated above, and thinking that Hemsworth was never in the film. Well, come on! Pay attention. No, we’re just joking we wouldn’t blame you for missing him since his role amounted to nothing more than a cameo.

He played Captain Kirk’s father. You know, the guy that dies pretty much right away. His death actually happens in like, the very, very beginning of the film. That’s why we can’t exactly blame you if you missed it! Still, it’s cool to look back and see the future God of Thunder there!

The film is returning to Netflix, meaning this is a perfect chance to check the film out! Or, if you think we’re liars and that Hemsworth isn’t in the film at all it’s a good chance to try and prove us wrong! We wish you luck, though! Since, y’know… he really is in there.

Once upon a time, Chris Hemsworth was meant to appear in a J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek 4. The film would have brought Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine together, reuniting as father and son in the Star Trek universe. Hemsworth wasn’t impressed with the script though, so he turned it down.

The film was delayed, and well… we haven’t really heard much about it since then. Still, make sure you check out this awesome Chris Hemsworth movie when it returns to Netflix this week! We certainly will be!


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