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‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Now Filming


Yesterday, the cast and crew for the hit Netflix series gathered together to finally begin filming the second season for the series. Shortly after the first season aired, it was already highly anticipated that a second season was a guarantee. The show was an extreme hit for Marvel fans, that people immediately began asking when the hero would be making his return.

Up next, we have The Defenders, which will air in August this year. The Defenders will bring together Luke Cage, Dare Devil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist together to join forces and protect New York from its greatest threat yet.

Last time we saw Luke Cage, he was being arrested after being framed for murdering a police officer in addition to major crime lord, Copper head. Luckily for him, Claire Temple stated that she knows a very skilled lawyer who can help Luke out. Hmmm.. cue the Dare Devil!

Luke Cage Season 2 is predicted to be released sometime in 2018.

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