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Lucy Hale talks Revelations and Growing Confidence in her 20’s

Published on May 31st, 2017 | Updated on May 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

The end of an era of pop culture television is ending soon as Pretty Little Liars is taking its final bow. The series, based loosely off of a book series with the same name, is ending after it’s the seventh season and it’s been a staple of television since 2010. PLL built an army of fans and it built a family from the cast and crew who have all made emotional posts on social media about saying goodbye to such a huge part of their lives.

Lucy Hale takes on the role of Aria in the series and she recently sat down for the June/July issue of StyleWatch. She talked about growing up on Pretty Little Liars and how she found more confidence as she embraced who she was – all of which happened in her 20s.

There are good days and bad days, but I’ve found self-assurance really does come with age. I think you hit a point where you accept who you are and what you look like and you kind of just roll with it. You find out what you like and what your strengths and weaknesses are — it develops over time.

She went on to say that she feels that she grew on PLL, both in acting and in her beauty and fashion as well.

I started PLL when I was 20, and by the time it’s done, I’ll be 28. Eight years is a really long time, especially since you’re figuring yourself out the most during those years. I feel like I’ve grown a lot in my acting, and obviously, my beauty evolution has come a long way too. There were some interesting choices in the beginning!

One beauty aspect Lucy plays with often is her hair – she debuts new colors, different lengths, and fun styles often and it’s one of our favorite things to see her do. It’s also one of her favorite things to experiment with.

I’ve tried so many different styles. I’m not really attached to my hair. I just constantly want something new — I’d get a different haircut with every outfit if I could! I’d even shave it off.

Lucy also loves to experiment with her makeup, and lately, her go to is a bold and bright lip color. She says oral is a perfect color for summer.

After one of her recent Instagram posts, we have to say we agree, coral is incredible, especially on Lucy!

What is your favorite thing about Lucy’s style evolution? Let us know.

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