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Lucifer: We Got The Season 6 Trailer And Release Date!

Published on July 25th, 2021 | Updated on July 31st, 2021 | By FanFest

Lucifer season 5 was quite the ride, I’m sure all fans will agree. Between the epic introduction of God, to the clash of brothers the season really felt epic. We’ll be saying goodbye to Lucifer soon, since the upcoming sixth season will be the last. Well, the season 6 teaser and release date have been revealed! Thank you Comic-Con!

The tweet above was tweeted out by Netflix Geeked on Saturday, and gave us a little teaser for the upcoming devilish final season. The best news is we got a release date too… and it isn’t that far off. Lucifer is back September 10! So get ready, Lucifer fans!

In the teaser Lucifer reveals that it is his final night in L.A. Uh-oh. Could this be related to Lucifer’s new job? We know now that season 5 was crazy, as it saw Michael kill Chloe. Lucifer brought her back shortly after by sacrificing himself and it made him worthy to become the new God. It makes sense that God couldn’t just hang out in L.A.

The Showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have been telling us season 6 will be different in more ways than one. Lucifer’s relationships will be changing and the production on the show changed too, because of Covid.

Modrovich said, while speaking with Collider (though we got the quote from “Season 6, partly because of COVID, became a much more intimate season, But also because we knew we had done this kind of splashy Season 5B, with a lot of spectacle, we didn’t want to try to top ourselves and just be empty action. So, we found the more intimate story for all of our characters, and a much more emotional one. We didn’t have to scrape to find stories for anybody. We just kind of dug to a deeper level with everybody.”

Henderson added, “Yeah. And though it is by far probably the most intimate season we’ve done, it also has the most expensive episode we’ve ever made, So, we’ve still got plenty of spectacle.”

Well, at least the season 6 teaser and release date have been revealed. We’ll be looking forward to Lucifer season 6 this September 10 on Netflix.

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