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Lucifer: Tom Ellis Says He Won’t Come Back to Portray Lucifer After Season 6

Published on October 25th, 2020 | Updated on November 4th, 2020 | By FanFest

In an interview on the Kings of Con: The Podcast, Tom Ellis said that he’s done playing Lucifer after Season 6.  This is disappointing news, as the show continues to be wildly popular and draw huge ratings on Netflix.

Ellis explained, “Six seasons of the show is a real achievement. It’s been a huge emotional journey and I don’t think I want to do anymore. I know I don’t want to do any more” With such a popular character and show, knowing that a show has an endpoint – for the sake of story telling – can be extremely important in producing quality entertainment.

“Mainly because, I wanna know that we’re ending and, because, I’ve had such a great time. I think it’s only fitting that we have a proper ending to the show.”  Although as to see the show go, there is still more to come!

Season 5B should arrive in early in 2021 as filming is complete. It is possible that Season 6 could end up split the same way. This means we could still be seeing new episodes of Lucifer well into 2022.  That’s still pretty far away.

For viewers not familiar with Lucifer, its based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, this series follows Lucifer, the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell. After abandoning his throne and retiring to Los Angeles, Lucifer indulges in his favorite things (women, wine and song) — until a murder takes place outside of his upscale nightclub.

For the first time in billions of years, the murder awakens something unfamiliar in Lucifer’s soul that is eerily similar to compassion and sympathy. Lucifer is faced with another surprise when he meets an intriguing homicide detective named Chloe, who appears to possess an inherent goodness — unlike the worst of humanity, to which he is accustomed. Suddenly, Lucifer starts to wonder if there is hope for his soul.

It’s a fun show and we definitely recommend it if you haven’t been watching! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “Lucifer: Tom Ellis Says He Won’t Come Back to Portray Lucifer After Season 6

  1. Xoxoxo hi I was a little skeptical about the name of the show being Catholic however we decided to give it a look.well we were hooked. we love your show,all the actors are great and there seems to be a sense of saving souls and much love in between the storylines. a great series we look forward to season 5b and 6. We respect your decision about leaving the show but would be disappointed as you are the main character with the most flair.we love you Tom.much love to your family and to the cast .thanks for the entertainment. Many blessings ❤️


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