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‘Lucifer’ Summer Watch: Wingman Recap

Published on September 14th, 2016 | Updated on September 13th, 2016 | By FanFest

And the Lucifer summer watch continues with “Wingman.”

Lucifer is on the hunt for his missing wings. After a fifth failed “interrogation” that he conducted with Maze’s help, he goes to Chloe hoping he could get some advice on how to get unstuck while doing his own very strange investigation.

Chloe offers up the suggestion of trying to find someone with fresh eyes. Of course, while she takes it as an offer for the pair to essentially switch cases, hers being the Palmetto case mentioned in the pilot, Lucifer takes it to mean going to the one person he doesn’t necessarily agree with–Amenadiel.

Amenadiel’s caught off guard by Lucifer’s request and tries to remind his brother just how important getting those wings back are and questions why he even kept them. He refuses to help and leads Lucifer back to Chloe. She initially laughs off his reveal of what really went missing but eventually decides to go with it and calls in an APB for the wings.

Meanwhile, Chloe is dealing with the Palmetto case that comes up again, after Dan tells her that everyone in the department really just hopes that she would drop the case. She eventually gets two pairs of fresh eyes in Dan and Lucifer as they re-enact the shooting. Though it seems that walking through what happened only seemed to have brought up mostly feelings of guilt for Chloe.

Throughout the hour, her investigation leads to mounting evidence that there are some dirty cops in the department that may have been there the day she saw Malcolm (the cop on the Palmetto case) get shot.

Chloe’s APB comes through and leads Lucifer to a black market auction house that sells religious antiquities to the highest bidder. Though Amenadiel told his brother he was on his own, Lucifer finds him as he prepares to get into the auction.

While they met a few obstacles, the brothers find their way in and before the auction begins Lucifer reveals to Amenadiel that he’s not so immortal anymore. The conversation is cut short when Chloe surprises him by showing up and warning him about the FBI raid…which happened when his wings came out. With the help of his brother’s power though, he is able to get to them. Despite their effort, turns out they weren’t his wings.

This discovery brings Lucifer close to the edge as he tracks down the auctioneer and finds he was holding his wings. And since it’s plain to see at this point who is behind it, it’s no surprise where the moment leads Lucifer.

Lucifer confronting Amenadiel and destroying his one last tether to the underworld was a solid moment. Though, his brother’s promise that it isn’t over is about as ominous as Chloe telling Dan that though everyone may think her investigation is over, the hunt for the dirty cop continues.

That final scene with Malcolm leaves me with a few questions about exactly what happened in that moment.

Onto the next episode!

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